Mobility of students to Jimma University

The EXCEL SMART program offers mobility scholarships for students at the University in Oslo to follow courses, contribute to research or do volunteer work at Jimma, Ethiopia.

Student mobility opportunities

The EXCEL SMART JUiO NORPART program is a strategic academic mobility partnership between the University in Oslo (UiO) and Jimma University (JU), Ethiopia. The program offers mobility scholarships to UiO medical, master or PhD students that support a 5-week or 13-week stay in Ethiopia. 


The EXCEL SMART program offers UiO students a unique opportunity to increase their global health competencies, develop academic and intercultural skills and expand their international and professional network in a developing country.

Through their Community-Based Education (CBE), Jimma University aim to produce professionals who are responsive to the development needs of society, involve the community in the problem identification and solving process of learning for development, empower the community to address their development needs within local resources and work with partners and stakeholders to improve the lives of society. 

It was very instructive to see the health care system (in Jimma, Ethiopia). I have been to the region, but I have never seen things quite like this before.

- Stine, a former exchange student with EXCEL SMART.

Courses, research or volunteer work    

In Ethiopia, students can do coursework, contribute to research or collect data for their own research or do volunteer work (see the table below). 


Students can choose to follow courses at Jimma University, either as summer courses or in combination with other activities.

There are two elective courses for credit transfer to UiO:

  1. Advanced Biostatistics
  2. Advanced Epidemiology
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation


PhD students can contribute to a specific research project at JU, or do their own research in collaboration with JU staff. Master or medical students can collect data for their master's or project thesis. Master students will get support from a mentor at JU and UiO.

Volunteer work 

Master or medical students can volunteer at the Jimma University Hospital, a local non-governmental organization (NGO) or at Jimma City Health Department. 


When and how long?

When? 2018 - 2021

Master, medical or PhD students from UiO

How long? 5 or 13 weeks (optional)
When to apply? Ongoing

Costs and scholarships

Students enrolled in the EXCEL SMART program will receive a scholarship to cover their cost related to accommodation, visa, and transport. Master and medical students who plan to stay for 13 weeks have to apply for coverage of travel costs from Lånekassen.

  Master and medical students PhD
Travel and visa

EXCEL SMART will cover visa travel expenses for a 5-week mobility stay (<9500 NOK).

Lånekassen will cover travel expenses for a 13-week mobility stay (approx. 6000 NOK). EXCEL SMART will cover visa expenses.

EXCEL SMART will cover visa and travel expenses (<9500 NOK).


(to cover accommodation, cost of living and local transport)

 6.000 NOK

16.000 NOK

How to apply

Applicants should send a letter of motivation and a professional CV. The motivation letter should answer the following:

  • Why do you want to be involved in the EXCEL SMART program?

  • What will be the purpose of your stay in Ethiopia?

  • In what way will a mobility stay in Ethiopia contribute to your educational, professional or academic development and career?

EXCEL SMART has a continuous application deadline for mobility scholarships to Jimma University in 2019. 

Please send your application to Øystein Røynesdal: and write 'EXCEL SMART - student mobility' in the subject field.  


Øystein Røynesdal


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