Nutrition, Body Mass Index and risk factors of diabetes mellitus in Yangon region

According to National STEP Survey (2009) report, the prevalence of hypertension was 31% male and 29.3% in females. However, data on non-communicable diseases and its risk factors is still limited. Therefore, ‘Nutrition, Body Mass Index and risk factors of diabetes mellitus in Yangon region, Myanmar’ research would be conducted.

About the project

There are two portion of data in my study, i.e, the one is secondary data and another one is new data collection with the same methodology of WHO STEP 2013-14. I used the already collected data for non-communicable diseases (WHO STEP Survey 2013-14 in Yangon region) and  new data collection regarding with cooking oil sample collection and fruits and vegetable consumption (in details) were included. Cooking oils were analyzed at Vitas Analytical Services, Universitetet i Oslo for the ingredients of cooking oils that are consuming in Yangon region. These results will be very helpful for interpretation of results of non-communicable diseases in Myanmar. I hope that it will support in the planning and making policy for health system in Myanmar.


  1. To describe the food frequency patterns regarding cooking oils including quality and quantity and fruits and vegetables consumption in Yangon region
  2. To describe the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its relations to risk factors in Yangon region
  3. To describe the changes in consumption of fruit and vegetables, body mass, hypertension and diabetes between 2003-04 and 2013-14 (Yangon)


House-hold based cross-sectional study with multi-stage cluster sampling in accordance with WHO STEP Survey guidelines



  • University of Public Health, Yangon, Myanmar

Start and finish

October 2015 - September 2018

Published July 3, 2017 11:54 AM - Last modified Sep. 15, 2020 1:41 PM


Project leader Espen Bjertness


  • Espen Bjertness
  • Marte Karoline Kjøllesdal
  • Wai Phyo Aung
  • Hein Stigum
  • Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong (Prince of Songkla Universtiy, Thailand)
  • Pa Pa Soe (University of Medicine 1, Yangon, Myanmar)
Detailed list of participants