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Patient narratives in physiotherapists’ history-taking

Understanding clinical practice as a transaction between the world of the patient and that of biomedicine, this study investigates the first encounter between patient and physiotherapist with an interest in how stories are constructed, individually and together.

About the Project

The stories patients tell may powerfully communicate their experiences related to illness. The medical history taken by the physiotherapists however represents the patients’ illness from the therapists’ perspective.

The project aims at physiotherapists working in the primary health services and patients with long lasting muscle pain. Muscle-skeletal pain represents a major health problem.  Patients with these kinds of symptoms are common among physiotherapists, yet also difficult to treat.


To provide an expanded understanding of physical therapy and recovery, and to improve the kinds of treatment given to people with chronic pain in primary health care.


The study is theoretically inspired by narrative theory and method. Narrative is seen as a fundamental way of giving meaning to experience, and also a form which guides actions in clinical practice. Data is produced through observations and interviews.


The project is financially supported by the Norwegian Fund for Post-Graduate training in Physiotherapy.

Project start and finish

April, 2014 - March,  2016

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