Psycho-Social Health Following a Stroke - persons with aphasia (completed)

Development of a community based model for psycho-social rehabilitation for persons with aphasia

About the project

This is a Ph.D. study aimed at developing, testing and evaluating a psycho-social rehabilitation program adjusted to persons with aphasia after stroke. 

This study is part of the larger study:  "Psycho-Social Health Following a Stroke: Developing a community based model for psycho-social rehabilitation.”


The goal is to improve psychological well-being and quality of life among the participants with aphasia  


Evaluation from participants and collaboration partners is positive. Scientific publication of the findings is in process.  


The project is mainly qualitative.The empirical data is collected through participant observation and qualitative interviews. In addition standardized clinical instruments are also used.

In this complex clinical intervention we use empirical and theoretical knowledge from several disciplines. According to the health promotion approach our understanding of people’s health conditions and coping is inspired by Antonovsky’s salutogenetic approach. The consequences of a stroke and aphasia require a comprehensive adjustment and coping process. We use principles from a method called Guided Self Determination (Zoffman et al) to support the development of life skills that hopefully improve participants’ coping resources and further subjective psycho-social well-being. We also use principles from a method called Supported Conversation to Persons with Aphasia to facilitate communication between the persons with aphasia and their health care providers (Aura Kagan et al). The intervention is developed in close collaboration with clinical experts within the specialized rehabilitation sectors and the primary healthcare sector. 


Marit Kirkevold (Main supervisor)

Torgeir Bruun-Wyller (Co-supervisor)


  • The Norwegian Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation (by The Norwegian Aphasia Association) 
  • The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association.
  • University of Oslo, Norway
  • Hedmark University College, Department of Nursing Education, Norway 


  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Haukeland University Hospital
  • Innlandet Hospital Trust (Sykehuset Innlandet HF)
  • Community health care service: Oslo, Elverum and Stange
  • Bredtvet Resource Centre 

Project start and finish


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Berit Arnesveen Bronken


Detailed list of participants