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Health for all? - Online article series on Somatosphere

UHC Leaves No One Behind 'Health for all? Critical perspectives on Universal Health Coverage' is a special issue of the online health humanities publication Somatosphere. The issue was edited by project leader Ruth J. Prince, and contributed to by all members of the project team, with additional contributors.


Click here for the link to the published issue at Somatosphere.

Contributions from team members:

Conference papers & presentations

  • Bannister, David. Upcoming: March 2021. ‘Into the hitherto untouched periphery’: Planning, Primary Health Care and changing idioms of health governance in Ghana, 1957-1996’. Presentation at the European Conference on Social Sciences and History, Leiden, Netherlands, as part of the panel ‘‘Primary Health Care’ in Post-War Global Health: Making and Meaning’.
  • Bannister, David. Upcoming: January 2021. Presentation at the University of Oslo African Anthropology Seminar. Paper title: Where the present begins: Guinea Worm disease and the regionalisation of inequity in Ghana, 1900-2015 
  • Neumark, Tom, 3rd December 2020, ‘Living in hype: Tanzanian technologists in an era of techno-optimism’ paper to be presented at African Studies Seminar. Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo
  • Neumark, Tom, 11th December 2020, ‘Leapfrogging with data: time, machines and healthcare in Tanzania’, paper to be presented at the conference, Data as a Relation, University of Copenhagen
  • Bannister, David. October 2019.  'Remembering the cost: oral history and payment for health services in Ghana, 1945-2019'. Presentation at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London, as part of the Histories in Global Health Seminar Series. 
  • Neumark, Tom, 6th-7th September 2019, 'Leapfrogging all the way to utopia’ paper presented at the workshop 'Curious Utopias: large and small blueprints for human society', University of Oslo.
  • Bannister, David. September 2019. ‘Absent Utopias in Ghanaian healthcare: Independence, Alma Ata, and the Information Age, 1957-2019’. Presentation at the workshop “Curious Utopias: Large and Small Blueprints for Human Society”, University of Oslo. 
  • Bannister, David. July 2019. ‘Colonial tsetse control and post-independence onchocerciasis in Ghana’. Presentation at the triennial Ghana Studies Association Conference, University of Ghana Legon, Accra. 
  • Bannister, David. 11-14 June 2019. Co-convened panel and presentation at ECAS (European Conference on African Studies), University of Edinburgh. Panel title: “Remembering Alma Ata? Revisiting 'health for all' amid aspirations for universal health coverage in Africa”. Paper title: ‘Care, Adjustment, Coverage: Oral History and the Diffusion of Global Health Policy in Ghana, 1945-2019’
  • Bannister, David. April 2019. ‘The periphery’s periphery: northern Ghana in the past and present of global health, 1900-2015’. Presentation at Sites of Health, a Symposium on the Medical Humanities, Shanghai, organized by University of Strathclyde, University of Shanghai, and the Wellcome Trust. 
  • Bannister, David. March 2019. ‘History, policy, and the road to Universal Health Coverage in Ghana, 1930-2015’. Presentation to SUM ‘Global Health Unpacked’ Seminar Series, University of Oslo.


  • Wintrup, James, 2019: University of Oslo, Norway, 6th-7th September Curious Utopias: large and small blueprints for human society. Paper: Achieving universal health coverage in rural Zambia: state accountability and universality in a community health worker programme
  • Wintrup, James, 2019: University of Oslo, Norway, 27th March Anthropology of Africa Seminar, Department of Social Anthropology Paper: Who alone can see? Christian humanitarianism, aspect-showing and political critique


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