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Witness seminars on important topics in modern medical history (completed)

From the Witness seminar 10th of January 2011, about the Tsjernobyl-accident

Photo: Turid Jensen


To collect people who have had decisive influence on the handling of significant events in medical and health history, and make them review and discuss their points of view at the time, as a supplementary source to our historical knowledge.



Published seminar transcripts:


The method has been adapted from the British tradition of witness seminars on events 20-40 years back in time. The discussion are recorded and filed together with a verbatim transcript, and an edited version is published.


Each seminar is financed separately with public funds from different relevant sources.


The project is a joint venture between the Department of Community Medicine, The Norwegian Medical Society, The Foundation for the national medical museum and The national museum for science and medicine (NTM).

Each seminar has a project group.

Start - Finish

2008 - ongoing

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