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Welcome as a new student

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Eivind Engebretsen. Photo: UiO

Welcome to a new semester 

 The corona pandemic will affect this autumn's teaching and your life as students. However, our goal is to offer you quality education under safe conditions. 

Welcome to the Institute of Health and Society (HELSAM)

At the Department of Health and Society, we base our work on a complex understanding of disease, health and health systems. This characterizes the research, teaching and dissemination at the department.

An introuction video of the Institute of Health and Society from head of institute Terje P. Hagen.

Our institute offered a digital lecture giving a basic introduction to the Norwegian health care system. The lecture is primarily intended for students without basic knowledge of the Norwegian health care system, e.g. foreign students and master students without background in the health sciences or in health management/health economics. The lecture is now available at the lower end of this webside

Departments at HELSAM 

The department spans various disciplines and consists of these departments: Community medicine, Interdisciplinary health sciences, Health management and health economics, Medical ethics, Community medicine and Nursing science. Each department presented to you in the videos below.


Nursing Science


Interdisciplinary Health Sciences


Health Management and Health Economics


Medical Ethics


Community medicine and Global health


Research from the Community of medicine and Global Health


Introduction to the Norwegian health care system

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