Kandidater ved Muni-Health-Care som har disputert


Silje Havrevold Hennie (Kull 2016) disputerte 18. september 2020 ved UiO med avhandlingen "Intergrations of advanced geriatric nurses: A mixed methods study of role and scope of practice"


Annette Pedersen (Kull 2016) disputerte 6. mai 2020 ved Aalborg Universitet med avhandlingen "On the Edge of the Bench. An Ethnographic Study on Health among Socially Marginalised Men in a Large Danish Municiality" 


Tuva Moseng (Kull 2016) disputerte 4.mai 2020 ved UiO med avhandlingen "Management of hip and knee osteoarthritis in primary care - Summary of evidence for exercise dose and implementation of a structured care model in primary care"


Jill-Marit Moholt (Kull 2016) disputerte 21. november 2019 ved UiT - Norges arktiske universitet med avhandlingen «Utilization of community healthcare services and family caregivers’ needs for support – A survey of family caregivers for older, home-dwelling persons with dementia in Northern Norway".


Marianne Eliassen (Kull 2016) disputerte torsdag 10.oktober 2019 ved UiT - Norges arktiske universitet med avhandlingen “Physiotherapy practice in reablement services. A qualitative study with observations and interviews”.


Birgit Rasmussen (Kull 2016) disputerte 27.februar 2019 ved Aarhus Universitet med avhandlingen “Meaningful living through engaging in physical activity; experiences of aged adults from two weeks to 18 months after a hip fracture”.


Mette Geil Kollerup (Kull 2016) disputerte 13. september 2018 ved Aalborg Universitet med avhandlingen "Hjemmesygeplejerskens varetagelse af patientens medicin efter udskrivelse. En undersøgelse af processer for udvikling og afprøvning af en intervention".










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