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Tid og sted: 17. mars 2020 13:0014:00, NTNU, MTFS, MTS11, 1st Floor

Global Health Trondheim, NTNU will host speakers for a Women in Global Health (WGH) Norway seminar who will share their experiences with participating in events or internships related to global health. The aim is to provide an overview of several options available nationally and internationally.

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Tid og sted: 9. mars 2020 09:0011:00, Professorboligen, Stallen

Join a discussion on the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for hidden and vulnerable populations in post-conflict situations. It will focus on women exposed to sexual violence during war and conflict and children born as a consequence of the assault and children born of war in general.

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Tid og sted: 25. feb. 2020 17:0020:00, Vega Scene - Kino Tre/Three

Join us for the screening of "Resistance Fighters" during the HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival in Oslo on February 25th. Following the film screening, a panel debate with field experts on antibiotic resistance will discuss this global epidemic. 

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Tid og sted: 11. feb. 2020 13:1514:30, Centre for Development and the Environment, Sandakerveien 130

How and why do global health donors engage with faith-based organizations to implement projects? In this Global Health Unpacked seminar, Sibylle Herzig van Wees will analyze the modalities and implications of donor engagement of faith-based organization in the health sector in Cameroon.

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Tid og sted: 6. feb. 2020 13:0014:00, Frederik Holsts hus, Auditorium (first floor)

In this global health unpacked seminar, Dr Mamady Cham will reflect on the difficulties of administrating under-funded public health systems in low and middle income countries, by drawing from his extensive experience in health management from The Gambia.

Tid og sted: 6. feb. 2020 10:3011:30, MTS22, MTFS-building, Brain centre, 2.floor, NTNU

What does a career in global health look like? There are many opportunities and possible actors to work with, so the road ahead is not always clear. We have invited two speakers to talk about their work in global health. 

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Tid og sted: 6. des. 2019 09:0010:15, Centre for Development and the Environment, Sandakerveien 130

In this Global Health Unpacked seminar, Jody Harris will explore how and why certain international nutrition approaches have found their way into national nutrition policy and practice in Zambia.

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Tid og sted: 23. nov. 2019 11:3016:00, Gamle Festsal, Domus Academica, University of Oslo

Join us in honouring Tore Godal's life achievements in global vaccination and immunization as he receives the King's Medal of Merit in Oslo on 23 November 2019.

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Tid og sted: 22. nov. 2019 14:0016:30, University Hall (Universitetets Aula)

Launch of Norway’s strategy “Better Health, Better Lives - Combating Non-Communicable diseases in the Context of Norwegian Development Policy 2020-2024." The Gathering for The Future Of Global Health is co-organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo. 

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Tid og sted: 22. nov. 2019 11:3014:00, Professorboligen: Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo

The nature and scale of the global response to climate change will be the determining factor in shaping the health of the global population for centuries to come. Climate change threatens to undermine the last 50 years of gains for public health, intensifying heatwaves and extreme weather events, worsening flood and drought, altering the spread of infectious diseases, and exacerbating poverty and mental ill health. The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change exists to monitor this transition from threat to opportunity, and to identify how the response to climate change can bring immense benefits to global health.

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Tid og sted: 14. nov. 2019 09:1510:30, Centre for Development and the Environment, Sandakerveien 130

In this Global Health Unpacked seminar, Lauren Paremoer will explore how social rights and solidarity are discussed in South African public discourses, and how these debates impact the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

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Tid og sted: 6. nov. 2019 14:1515:45, Eilert Sundts building (Blindern) - Meeting room 648

Why and how do pathogens emerge from animal reservoirs? Using the case of East Cameroon and HIV,  Dr. Guillaume Lachenal (Université Paris Diderot) will draw on insights from molecular phylogeny and social anthropology to highlight the role of Humans in pathogen emergence.

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Tid og sted: 30. okt. 2019 08:3016:00, Hotel Riu Plaza Berlin, Germany

The Centre for Global Health is leading a debate in the 6th German-African Healthcare Forum, co-organized by German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein) and the German Health Alliance

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Tid og sted: 30. okt. 2019 08:0009:30, Hotel Riu Plaza Berlin, Germany

Women in Global Health is an organization, built on a global movement that brings together all genders and backgrounds to achieve gender equality in global health leadership. The German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein), GHA – German Health Alliance and Women in Global Health Norway with the support of EZ-Scout, are pleased to host a breakfast event to introduce Women in Global Health and provide updates of current news.

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Tid og sted: 28. okt. 2019 12:3014:00, Kosmos in Berlin, Germany

The Centre for Global Health is organizing a lunch panel at the World Health Summit 2019, exploring different views on One Health with a variety of experts in the field. One Health is closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and is intrinsically inter- and trans-disciplinary.

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Tid og sted: 28. okt. 2019 11:0012:30, Kosmos in Berlin, Germany

The Centre for Global Health is organizing a high-level panel debate at the World Health Summit 2019. We are harnessing the long-standing and continued collaboration in Global Health between Germany, Norway and Ghana and will explore whether One Health has the potential of becoming an accelerator to the Global Action Plan. 

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Tid og sted: 22. okt. 2019 15:0016:30, Fredrik Holsts hus, Room 218

In this Global Health Unpacked seminar co-organized with the Forum for Antimicrobial Resistance (UiO), Prof. Clare Chandler (LSHTM) will discuss how our societies have become reliant on antimicrobials, and the challenges posed by rising antimicrobial resistance.

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Tid og sted: 16. sep. 2019 08:3017. sep. 2019 15:00, Professorboligen

The Centre for Global Health is pleased to announce Global Health Inspiration Days 2019, offering a unique networking opportunity for students, researchers and clinicians as well as the policy community at large. The 16 September is co-organized with Boston University and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).

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Tid og sted: 12. sep. 2019 08:3010:30, Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo

The Global Health Centre (GHC) at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the Norwegian think tank Agenda, in association with the Centre for Global Health, University of Oslo (CGH/UiO), would like to cordially invite you to a high-level policy dialogue on 12 September 2019 from 09:00 to 10.30 (breakfast is served from 08:30-09:00).

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Tid og sted: 5. sep. 2019 14:3016:00, Niels Treschows hus, 12th Floor, blindern Campus

In this seminar, Peter Redfield will unpack the politics of humanitarian equipment and the assumptions it entails about human needs and what a satisfactory life might be.

Tid og sted: 20. juni 2019 12:0013:15, Sandakerveien 130, Oslo

How to measure "Health for All"? How do metrics influence the way Universal Health Coverage is implemented in Senegal?

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Tid og sted: 13. juni 2019 09:0014. juni 2019 16:00, Ecolab, Frederik Holsts Hus

PhD workshop on academic writing with Lynn P. Nygaard. 

Tid og sted: 4. juni 2019 09:0015:00, Frederik Holst Hus

The theme of this years Global Mental Health Day is 'Global Psychiatry and Neurology - the new number one burden of disease'. The seminar will feature eminent experts from Asia, Latin America and Europe.

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Tid og sted: 3. juni 2019 10:3016:00, Loftet, Professorboligen

The aims of the meeting are to consider possible affiliations with other organizations and to review recent strategies/work on e-health literacy/ digital literacy. 

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Tid og sted: 20. mai 2019 14:0015:30, Fredrik Holsts Hus, Ecolab (basement)

The non-disclosure of a cancer diagnosis is relatively common in India. Studies have shown that many cancer patients are unaware of their disease. But how exactly is non-disclosure working in a hospital setting? What are patients told when they are not told that they have cancer?