Avlagte doktorgrader ved avdeling for samfunnsmedisin og global helse/Graduated doctoral degrees at the Department of Community Medicine and Global Health

År/Year Tittel på avhandling/Title of thesis Navn/Name
2018 Aspects of Acute Mountain Sickness among Travellers to Tibet Gonggalanzi
2017 Evaluations of the project "Rapid Return to Work". A controlled cohort study and three-year follow-up for persons with musculoskeletal and minor mental disorders Dag Brekke
2017 Neisseria meningitidis in Ethiopia. Molecular epidemiology of carriage and mucosal antibody response after vaccination Guro Kristine Bårnes
2017 Mapping, exploring and understanding communication interventions for childhood vaccination Heather Melanie R Ames
2017 Effects of postprandial and fasted exercise on glycemia and markers of inflammation in persons prone to or with diabetes Håvard Nygaard
2017 Workplace stress among nurses: Stressful working conditions, shift work, and workplace aggression among nurses in Hebron District, Palestine Yousef Jaradat
2017 Society Unhealed: Leprosy and Identity in 20th Century Ethiopia Mesele Terecha Kebede
2017 Intimate Distance: Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India Kristin Engh Førde
2017 Dignity and indignity experienced by immigrant women on long-term sick leave Line Nortvedt
2016 Sami Adolescents' Pathways to Adulthood Inger Marie Kristine Nystad
2016 Radon Exposure and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Childhood Leukemia and Cancer in the Central Nervous System Ruby del Risco Kollerud
2016 Social inequalities in sick leave: A lifecourse study on the timing and mechanisms of risk factors Karina Corbett
2016 Biomarkers of protective immunity against tuberculosis in humans in an endemic setting Mulugeta Belay Mengesha
2016 Maternal and reproductive health and armed conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa: A disaggregated study approach Primus Che Chi
2016 Rehabilitation program for women in the Criminal Justice System - impact on sense of coherence Torunn Højdahl
2016 Follow-up of childhood hearing disorders: hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness in adulthood. A population-based cohort study Lisa Aarhus
2016 Implementing and validating a national system for surveillance of surgical site infections in Norway Hege Line Magnussen Løwer
2015 What Works in Occupational Rehabilitation? - Measurements and Preceptions of Return to Work in Norway Tore Norendal Braathen
2015 Lung function, respiratory and skin effects among hairdressers - A cohort study of female hairdressers in Hebron City, Palestine Maysaa Y K Nemer
2015 Home sampling versus conventional sampling for screening of urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis infection in young men and women - a randomised controlled trial Hilde Kløvstad
2015 Early Environmental Exposures and Childhood Respiratory Disorders Maria Christine Magnus
2015 Premarital sex and induced abortion in Ethiopia - the silence and the stigma. Meselu Taye Kebede
2015 West african reproductive health costs: Does poor reproductive health prevent household from escaping poverty? Gueswende Patrick Christian
2015 Exercise capacity and physical growth in native Tibetan and Han Chinese children living at high altitude. Cross-sectional studies of 9-10-year-old native Tibetan and Han Chinese children living at 3,700 m (Lhasa) and native Tibetan living at 4,300 Bianba
2015 What you love might kill you. Epidemiology, time trends and risk factors for sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men in Norway, 1992-2013. Irena Jakopanec
2015 Risk factors for diagnostic delay among tuberculosis patients in Arkhangelsk, Norhtwest Russia: A qualitative study Vladimir Kuznetsov
2015 Stigma and self-representation. An anthropological study on poverty and disability in South Africa Camilla Hansen
2014 Explaining differential immunization coverage: An etnographic study of two Malawian communitite Lot Jata Nyirenda
2014 Obesity: Culture, Family, Individual - Ethnography of fat in youth Kjetil Wathne
2014 Undersøkelser av sammenheng mellom eksponeringsforhold og lungefunksjon blant ansatte ved Yara Porsgrunn Kristin Hildegard Hovland
2014 Exposure characterization and pulmonary health effects in professional ski waxers Baard Ingegerdsson Freberg
2014 Studies on molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in pastoralist and their livestock Gezahegne Mamo Kassa
2014 Growth among children in Norway and factors that may influence the prevalence of overweight and obesity. Results from the Norwegian Child Growth Survey Anna Karin Cecilia Månsson Biehl
2014 Methodological issues of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in selected patient populations Jo Steinson Stenehjem
2014 Improving the Quality of Childbirth Care in Palestine-Example from a Governmental Hospital Sahar Hasan
2014 Maternal Mortality in Guizhou province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Western China Qing Du
2014 Children's Participation in Paedriatic Rehabilitation. An Exploration of Consultation Practices Wenche Bekken
2014 Asthma and Lung Function among Children Living in Tibet Yang Zong
2014 Persons with dizziness: Symptoms, functional ability and quality of life Anne-Lise Tamber
2014 Fetal movement counts and fetal health Brita Askeland Winje
2014 Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorders Pål Suren
2014 Asthma and Lung Function among Children Living in Tibet Yang Zong
2014 Children's Participation in Paediatric Rehabilitation. An exploration of consultation practices
Wenche Bekken
2014 Maternal Mortality in Guizhou province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Western China Qing Du
2014 Improving the Quality of Childbirth Care in Palestine-Example from a Governmental Hospital Sahar Hassan
2014 Cancer incidence and occupational exposure in offshore oil industry workers Jo Steinson Stenehjem
2014 Socio-demographic predictors of childhood overweight and obesity in Norway —an epidemiological study. Anna Månsson Biehl
2014 Mindfulness training for medical and psychology students Michael de Vibe
2014 Molecular Epidemiology and Transmission patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Afar Pastoral Communities and their livestock in Ethiopia Gezahegne Mamo Kassa
2014 Exposure characterization and pulmonary health effects in professional ski waxers Baard I. Freberg
2014 Lung function and occupational exposure among nitrate fertiliser production employees. A three year follow-up study Kristin Hildegard Hovland
2014 Obesity: Culture, Family, Individual. A qualitative study of Fat in Youth. Kjetil Wathne
2014 Succeeding in Crisis: immunisation delivery and utilisation in Malawi Lot Jata Nyirenda
2013 Pesticide use and respiratory health effects among farmers in Hebron district, Palestine Farid Kamel Mustafa Abu Sham'a
2013 In search for a face: Reproductive decisions of couples living With HIV from rural Southern Malawi Belinda Brown Chimphamba
2013 Tuberculosis in the Pastoral Community of the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia: With emphasis on factors contributing to infection and disease Mengistu Legesse Dadi
2013 The influence of work environment and individual factors on the risk of long-term sickness absence. An epidemiological, registry-based 5-year follow-up study Line Foss
2013 Promoting a healthy diet in antenatal care: Qualitative studies of barriers to nutrition communication among women of different ethnic backgrounds in the Oslo Area Lisa Maria Garnweidner

Female circumcision in home and away: Attitudes toward the practice among Somali immigrants in Oslo, Norway and their corresponding Group in Hargeisa and Galka'ayo Somalia


Abdi Ali Gele
2013 Time to pregnancy among newly married People living in two Agricultural villages in Hebron District, Palestine Yaser Yones Salman Issa
2013 Impact of the conjugate vaccine, MenAfriVac, on Carriage of serogroup A Neisseria meningitidis and disease transmission Paul Arne Kristiansen
2013 Male involvement in maternal Health as means of improving maternal health in Malawi Lucy Ida Kululanga
2013 Towards quality care: improving perinatal outcomes in Malawi Lily Caroline Kumbani
2013 Å berøre  og bli berørt - å bevege og bli beveget. Om fysioterapeutstudentenes læring om og gjennom kroppen Anne Gudrun Langaas
2013 Rotavirus in Central Asia: epidemiology, disease burden, and prerequisites for vaccine introduction Renat Latipov
2013 Same-sex attracted men in Dar es Salaam 30 years into the HIV epidemic Kåre Moen
2013 Improving clinical care for newborns in Kenyan hospitals Newton Opiyo
2013 Metabolic Syndrome Components in Himalayan populations of Tibet and Nepal Lhamo Yangchen Sherpa
2013 Down to the roots: Unearthing the root causes ofmaternal Deaths "A case study in the district of Lilongwe, Malawi" Viva Combs Thorsen
2013 Diabetes in a transitional society: a population-based epidemiological study in Jiangsu Province, China Hui Zuo


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