VIRT2UE Train the Trainer program

Become a certified trainer on research integrity and ethics.The program is suitable for Scandinavia-based researchers* in various disciplines who are interested in ethics and research integrity (ERI) .

Because of the pandemic, we will conduct the training online. The new dates for the training are as follows:

  • May 11
  • May 14
  • June 21

Please save the dates! We will send more information on the training agenda and preparatory materials soon.

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About the Program

The VIRT2UE Train the Trainer program is a methodologically sound and didactically innovative train the trainer program for ethics and research integrity trainers. 

We invite *Scandinavia-based researchers – researchers based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland – to register for our new blended-learning program.

Using a virtue ethics approach to ERI, the program aims to foster the internalization of the principles of European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ECoC), and thus to facilitate the cultivation of scientific virtues among trainers and researchers.

Unlike the vast majority of existing programs, VIRT2UE rests on the premise that effective ERI training should not only convey knowledge of codes and regulations, but must also address moral character building, in order to enable researchers to master challenges they are likely to encounter over the course of their academic career.

Requirements and certification

By registering for the VIRT2UE train the trainer program you have the opportunity to become a certified trainer in the field of ERI.

Trainers who participate in the VIRT2UE train-the-trainer program will receive a certificate if they have trained ten further trainers. This can either be done during the interim period, when the exercises are applied in practice, or after finishing the program.


You will not be charged a participation fee. 

Why is there not any face to face training?

Initially the course had an online module combined with face to face training. Because of the pandemic we will conduct all training online.

What is the language of the program?


Information on Content and Structure

Further information about the content and structure of the program can be found in a brochure on the Embassy of Good Science.


Questions about the VIRT2UE Train the Trainer program, please contact Rosemarie de la Cruz Bernabe.


Centre for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo

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