The Nilsen Group

Prof. Ola Nilsen is working at Department of Chemistry and Centre of Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) at the University of Oslo. He is also heading the thin film activities at the research group for Nanostructured Functional Materials (NAFUMA) at the same place. The research focus is on developing new materials by the Atomic Layer Deposition / Molecular Layer Deposition technique. The materials range from complex oxides, materials for ion batteries, optical conversion materials for photovoltaics and sensors, and organic- inorganic hybrid materials as bioactive surfaces.

Selected publications:

  • H.H. Sønsteby, H. Fjellvåg, O. Nilsen, Functional Perovskites by Atomic Layer Deposition-An Overview, Advanced Materials Interfaces (2017), 4
  • L. Momtazi, H.H. Sønsteby, D.A. Dartt, J.R. Eidet, O. Nilsen, Bioactive titaminates from molecular layer deposition RSC Advances (2017), 7(34), 20900-20907. 
  • M. N. Getz, P-A. Hansen, H. Fjellvåg, O. Nilsen, Luminescent properties of europium titanium phosphate thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition RSC Advances (2017), 7(13), 8051-8059.
  • K.B. Lausund, O. Nilsen, All-gas-phase synthesis of UiO-66 through modulated atomic layer deposition, Nature Communications (2016) 7, 13578.
  • K.B. Gandrud, O. Nilsen, H. Fjellvåg, Ultra-high power capabilities in amorphous FePO4 thin films Journal of Power Sources (2016), 306, 454-458. 
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