New article: Mini-organs forum: how to advance organoid technology to organ transplant community

New article in Transplant International from Hanne Scholz and collaborators. The opinion paper summarizes the early organoid achievements and comments on the future of organoid transplantation.


The generation of human mini-organs, the so-called organoids, is one of the biggest scientific advances in regenerative medicine. This technology exploits traditional three-dimensional culture techniques that support cell-autonomous self-organization responses of stem cells to derive micrometer to millimeter size versions of human organs. The convergence of the organoid technology with organ transplantation is still in its infancy but this alliance is expected to open new venues to change the way we conduct both transplant and organoid research. In this Forum we provide a summary on early achievements facilitating organoid derivation and culture. We further discuss on early advances of organoid transplantation also offering a comprehensive overview of current limitations and challenges to instruct organoid maturation. We expect that this Forum sets the ground for initial discussions between stem cell biologists, bioengineers, and the transplant community to better direct organoid basic research to advance the organ transplantation field.

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Published Aug. 31, 2021 10:43 AM - Last modified Aug. 31, 2021 11:35 AM