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Academic interests


Data Mining.

Machine learning.


BSc in Physics. 

Master of Science and Doctor Of Science in Computer Models and Scientific Computing.

Positions held

  • Postdoctoral fellow at UiO




Tags: Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine learning


Vázquez, P., Jesús, A., Cedano, K. G., Martínez, M., & Jensen, H. J. (2015). An entangled model for sustainability indicators. PloS one10(8), e0135250.

Vázquez, P., Jesús, A., Cedano, K. G., van Dijk, J., & Jensen, H. J. (2018). Network characterization of the Entangled Model for sustainability indicators. Analysis of the network properties for scenarios. PloS one13(12), e0208718.

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Research groups