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Department of Behavioural Medicine (ATF)

Postal address Postboks 1111 Blindern, 0317 Oslo
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9
Domus Medica
0372 Oslo
Org. Unit ID 511400


The list contains 40 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Asgari, Fatemeh Postdoctoral Fellow
Berge, Helene
Bjørnstad, Herman Doctoral Research Fellow
Borges Rau Steuernagel, Carolina Postdoctoral Fellow
Boye, Turid Birgitte Adjunct Professor +47 22851019
Breivik, Jarle Head of Department/Professor +47-22851114 +47-41441985 (mob) Cancer, Genetic and epidemiology, Education, Management, Communication, Evolution
Dalum, Helene Seljenes Doctoral Research Fellow +4790648178 Mental health, Work and health, Behaviour
Davami, Maedeh
Egenberg, Herman Escher Doctoral Research Fellow
Finset, Arnstein
Frøjd, Lars Aastebøl Student
Haaland, Sveinung Rui Fronth Lecturer
Hegde, Inger Johanne
Helgesen, Hege Emelie
Hem, Erlend Adjunct Professor +47 95730355 (mob)
Howari, Rasha Mosallam
Hunskaar, Birk
Izotova, Anastasia Research Assistant
Kirkøen, Jannicke Research Assistant
Kristiansen, Oscar Student
Laksana, Saharat Subphatkul +47 48441921 (mob)
Lange, Jakob de
Larsen, Elna Hamilton Doctoral Research Fellow
Larsen, Marie Hamilton Researcher +47 22845386
Lie, Hanne Cathrine Associate Professor +47 22851466
Loge, Jon Håvard Professor Behaviour, Doctor-patient communication, Cancer, Cancer survivors
Lærum-Onsager, Ellisiv Postdoctoral Fellow
Massey, Andreas Lie Research Assistant
Mohamad, Hodo
Moum, Torbjørn Åge Professor +47 22851431
Nilsen, Katinka
Pfabigan, Daniela M. Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851023
Rogstadkjernet, Magnus
Rostrup, Morten Adjunct Professor
Ruhee, Tahira
Sailer, Uta Professor +47 22851032
Sand, Vebjørn
Tisjø, Annebeth Lecturer
Tyssen, Reidar Professor +47 22851187 +47-97150753 Behaviour, Personality and stress, Alcohol abuse, Work and health, Subjective well-being, Suicidial behaviour, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Longitudinal studies
Yri, Olav Erich Senior Lecturer