Centre of Excellence - Hybrid Technology Hub (COE-HTH)

Postal address Postboks 1110 Blindern, 0317 OSLO
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9
0372 OSLO
Org. Unit ID 512010


Name Phone E-mail Tags
Abadpour, Shadab Postdoctoral research fellow
Amirola Martinez, Mikel Doctoral Research Fellow
Busek, Mathias Postdoctoral Fellow
Combriat, Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow
Corthay, Alexandre Researcher - Centre of Excellence - Hybrid Technology Hub 23074109 Immunology, Cancer research, cancer immunotherapy
Dolva, Kristine Research Assistant
Echalier, Cécile Lucie Postdoctoral Fellow
Johnsen, Haakon Berg Senior Adviser +47 22850433 +47 99625717 (mob)
Johnsen, Ida Principal Engineer
Krauss, Stefan Centre director, Professor +47 97610063 (mob)
Kwak, Dongho Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow +47 973 97 965 Music Technology
Olsen, Petter Angell Researcher and Facility Manager +47 95 16 32 99 (mob)
Scholz, Hanne Vice director, Senior researcher +47 97514215 3D bioprinting, diabetes, stem cell biology, organ on a chip, transplantation
Shoji, Kayoko Postdoctoral Fellow
Stokowiec, Justyna Principal Engineer
Vázquez Faci, Pável Postdoctoral Fellow Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine learning
Wang, Chencheng Doctoral Research Fellow