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Procedures with risk assessment and plan for waste disposal (SOP)

In all work tasks where you work with chemicals, biological factors (bacteria, virus, fungi etc), genetically modified organisms, reproductive hazards, noise, mechanical vibrations and / or radiation sources, a risk assessment must be made.

At IMB, this is usually described in our standard operating procedures (SOP). In the SOPs you will find a description of the procedure with risk assessment and waste management information.

IMB arranges regular workshops for training in the use of templates for risk assessments.

Where can you find the risk assessments?

Risk assessment tools and templates for SOPs are available on these websites. Contact your nearest manager for access to risk assessments and SOPs for your unit. The manager must ensure that there are written risk assessments where the work requires it, and make this available to all employees, students and safety representatives. Upon request from the institute management, documentation of risk assesments must be made available at short notice.

Units that wish to make their SOPs available on the institute website can contact


Removing or replacing hazardous substances and processes is at the top of the list of measures to protect workers from risk in connection with working with chemicals and biological factors. For carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, the requirements for substitution are particularly strict. The provisions on substition are laid down in regulations on protection against exposure to chemicals in the workplace (Kjemikalieforskriften).

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