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Responsibilities and roles

The HSE coordinator and the safety representatives have defined tasks and roles at IMB.

Responsibilities and role of the local HSE coordinator

The Head of the Institute has overall responsibility for the HSE management. The HSE coordinator assists the Institute management to fulfill their HSE responsibilities.

HSE coordinator at IMB

  • Thor Sannæss
  • Enquiries can be sent to

Additional information

Functional description for local HSE coordinators (UiO)

HSE roles and responsilities for laboratory safety at IMB

Responsibilities and role of safety representatives

Safety representatives shall safeguard the interests of staff in matters relating to the working environment and ensure that the Working Environment Act is observed.

The Institute of Basic Medical Sciences have more than one safety zone with an elected safety representative. The senior safety representative coordinates the work of the safety representatives within an organisational unit

The responsibilities of the senior safety representative are to:

  • Coordinate the activities of the safety representatives.
  • Participate in the work of the local working environment committee as a representative for the employees.

Senior safety representatives at IMB

Additional information

Structure of the safety representative organisation (UiO)

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