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Opening hours and administrative contacts at IMB during the Easter holidays 2019

Under you will find some practical information on opening hours and availability of the different administrative services at the institute during the Easter holidays.

Working hours during Easter

State employees are exempt from work as of 12 pm (midday) on Wednesday before Maundy Thursday to the extent their work responsiblities allow for this.

Beyond this, the following days are work-free: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. This year, this applies to the period 18 to 22 April.

Access to the Domus Medica building

From 15 to 22 april, the building is closed. This means that you need to use your access card and code to get in.

If you get locked in the building or have problems with your UiO access card, please contact the Security Operation Center that is staffed 24/7, year round.

Reception desks

The main reception desk at IMB is closed from 15 to 22 April. The contact person for reception of goods during 15 to 17 April is Sophia Salicath. reception of goods will be done at the main reception. 

The operating staff at the local receptions is reduced from 15 to 17 April. If you need to get in touch with the receptions, you can contact from 15 to 17 April.

Education Management

The operating staff for education management is reduced during the Easter holidays.

HR and HSE

The operating staff at HR is reduced 15 and 16 April. 

The Health, safety and the environment (HSE)  coordinator is available 15 and 16 April and e-mails to will be attended to.

Finance and purchases

The operating staff at the Finance section is reduced during the Easter holidays.

Administrative staff for invoices and reimbursements is available 15-17 April.

Research support is available 15-17 April.

Purchasing coordinator is not available 15-17 April.

One project finance support adviser is available 15-17 April. Urgent enquiries can be sent to adviser Bonny A. Etté.

Internal services

The electronic workshop is closed from 15 to 22 April.

The mechanical workshop is closed from 15 to 22 April.

The photo service is available 15 to 17 April.

 IT is available 15-17 April and can be contacted at phone number 22 85 12 00 or email

Communication and web publishing

The institute's communication advisor and web publisher is not available from 15 to 23 April.

The institute's press contact can be reached at

Anatomy bequest program

The anatomy bequest program coordinator is available 15 and 16 April and not available 17-22 April.

Important numbers:

Fire: 110

Police: 112

Ambulance: 113

UiO Security Operation Center:

Duty phone 228 55007 or emergency phone 228 56666

Poison Information: 22 59 13 00

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