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Simonsen appointed member of EMBO

Membership in EMBO is offered to excellent researchers in the life sciences after thorough peer review. Anne Simonsen becomes Norway's tenth member.

Professor Anne Simonsen
Professor Anne Simonsen is pleased to be accepted as a member of EMBO. Photo: Gunnar Lothe, UiO

Anne Simonsen is a professor at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, deputy chair of SFF CANCELL and an internationally recognized researcher. From July 7 this year, she has been accepted as the tenth member of EMBO based in Norwegian universities and research institutions.

"The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has been, and is of great importance to European Life Science researchers", says Anne Simonsen. "They arrange different meetings and courses, including practical methodological courses and management courses. They grant research funding and have their own recognized journals. Many Norwegian researchers have done their PhD or postdoc at EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg", she explains. Heidelberg is also the administrative headquarters of EMBO.

The faculty congratulates

"On behalf of the Faculty of Medicine, I would like to congratulate Anne Simonsen on the honorable nomination", says Vice President of Research Jens Petter Berg.

"Membership in EMBO is a great recognition of Anne's outstanding research for several years. We are very proud and delighted that Anne has received this prestigious membership among the world's foremost scientists in the life sciences", continues the dean of research.

How to join EMBO?

EMBO is an international organization of life science researchers, with more than 1800 peer-reviewed members. To become a member you must first be nominated by a member and then peer reviewed by other EMBO Members and EMBO Council, primarily based on scientific excellence and pioneering research. This year, 52 new members and 11 affiliated members will be appointed. Anne Simonsen is the only Norwegian researcher on this year's list of new members. Her research is focusing on identification of the basic molecular mechanisms involved in tumor development. Professor Simonsen has, among other things, made discoveries in how autophagy, a cellular self-eating process, is regulated and the role of autophagy towards longevity and tumorigenesis. Through her professional qualifications, she has passed the needle eye for EMBO membership in the peer review process.

"What does it mean for you to be selected as an EMBO member?"

"Of course, it is a great honor to be elected a member of EMBO", says Anne Simonsen.
"Membership is a recognition of the research results I and my colleagues have achieved. I am also looking forward to participating in, and contributing to, various meetings and other activities under the auspices of EMBO", she continues enthusiastically.

"Have you already taken on any membership duties?"

"No, not yet," says Simonsen. "However, I have previously arranged an EMBO conference in Autophagy in Norway (2013) and am often a reviewer for the EMBO journals".

Norwegian members of EMBO

EMBO membership is given to outstanding researchers who have excelled in their contributions to the life sciences, including 88 Nobel Prize winners who have or have had EMBO membership. The membership lasts a lifetime. EMBO members can actively participate in EMBO initiatives by serving on the organization's council, committee, and editorial board, participating in the evaluation of EMBO funding applications, serving as mentors to young researchers in our EMBO community, and providing advice on key activities.

Ten researchers based in Norway have been appointed members of the EMBO:

  • From Oslo: Erik Boye, Gareth Griffiths, Jacob B. Natvig, Kirsten Sandvig, Kirsten Skarstad, Anne Simonsen og Harald Stenmark
  • From Trondheim: Hans Krokan, Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser 

EMBO calls for younger researchers and women's prize

EMBO has many exciting calls that it can be interesting for younger researchers to follow. EMBO postdoctoral fellowships can be applied for throughout the year. They also have a program for Young Investigators, Installation grants, lecture grants and global Investigators. Also attend EMBO courses and workshops.

EMBO also has its own award for female role models in research. The award is a joint initiative of the EMBO and the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS). The aim is to highlight important contributions from female scientists to life sciences research. The winners of the award are inspiring role models for future generations of women in science. Each year, the exceptional achievements of a woman working in life sciences in Europe are rewarded. The winner will receive € 10,000, a bronze statue and the opportunity to hold a plenary lecture at the FEBS congress. The 2020 deadline for nominations is October 15.

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By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
Published July 7, 2020 2:00 PM - Last modified July 7, 2020 2:10 PM