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Digital general meeting

The Institute repeated the success from last month and held a new digital general staff meeting on Thursday 30th April. 

Screenshot from Zoom

Screen shot from Zoom showing 50 participants at Thursday’s meeting Photo: UiO/Zoom

The Head of the Institute, Lene Frost Andersen, and the Head of Administration, Linda Teigland Helgesen, invited the staff at IMB to a new digital general meeting using UiO’s digital conference platform Zoom. This time 136 participants attended the Norwegian version of the meeting, while 86 attended the English meeting.

As last time, the general meeting began with everybody saying “hello” to each other in unison, before the Head of the Institute, Lene Frost Andersen, began with a review of how the situation is affecting each and every one of us at the moment.

Everything is digital

All meetings are digital now, and exams and disputations are digital too. The written exams in physiology, nutrition and biochemistry that would normally be held for 120 students in Silurveien was now conducted as a 30-minute oral exam via Zoom. The exam went very well thanks to good planning and great efforts from many at IMB. 

The first ever digital disputation at IMB was held on 28th April. The doctoral candidate was Synne-Kristin Hoffart Bøhn from the Department of Behavioural Medicine and the co-supervisor was Jon Håvard Loge. Congratulations!

Access to the buildings

Essential staffing to maintain critical operations can get an exemption, but they need to apply to the head of institute. Group leader applies on behalf of his/her employees and carries out a risk appraisal together with the employee concerned.

If you need to fetch something important from the building, this is permitted as long as you follow the infection control rules and are not ill or in quarantine. Entering the building must be limited as much as possible. Everybody who can still work from home should do so.

It is till very important that we all follow the rules. Show solidarity for your own sake and for the sake of our working community to minimise the risk of having to intensify restrictions on access to the building again.

Infection control rules and HSE

  • Employees should limit their use of public transport as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands immediately after entering the building. When you are in the building
    • Wash your hands frequently and thorougly
    • Keep a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and others
    • Do not eat lunch or take breaks together
  • Keep your presence in the building to a minimum – only for essential activities
  • Hand sanitizers are installed in the building
  • Infection control guidelines for the workplace are posted on the notice board in labs in relevant Departments.

We also ask all personell that enter the building to install the app "Smittestopp" from the The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Cleaning will be adapted to the level of activity in the building. Increased cleaning of all communal areas, supervision of toilets and cleaning of contact surfaces.

Each member of staff is responsible for cleaning his/her own PC, keyboard and equipment etc. The cleaning staff do not clean the other parts of the lab/office that they usually do and they do not clean computers and equipment. We must therefore clean these items ourselves every day after use and before the next user takes over.

There will be an interactive course in infection control for all personell allowed to enter the building. Information about English version of the course will come some time next week

Holidays to be agreed with your leader

The main holiday period is 1st June – 30th September. You have the right to take up to 3 consecutive weeks of holiday leave during this period, subject to prior agreement with your leader.

Your holiday may be postponed to a later period in the year if this suits operations in your workplace and subject to approval from your leader, but for most of us, this will not be a viable option since the autumn will probably be especially hectic if we are allowed to return to the building.

See "Taking holiday: rights and obligations" for more information.

Digital social activities to enjoy

  • Join a team on the TuesdayQuiz or devise your own quiz using Kahoot and sharing it on Zoom
  • Challenge colleagues to a ”Stolpejakt” – download the app and collect points
  • Visit art museums from your sofa together with a colleague or two by sharing the screen on Zoom
  • Invite friends/colleagues to a film evening with Netflix party or Zoom
  • Play a mime or drawing game on Zoom

Keep up to date via UiO’s web pages!

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By Kyrre Vigestad
Published Apr. 30, 2020 10:38 AM - Last modified Feb. 18, 2021 5:04 PM