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Opening hours and administrative staffing at IMB for summer 2020

Below you will find some practical information about opening hours and services available at the Institute during the summer.

Summer working hours

Employees in technical/administrative posts governed by the flexitime scheme (with different working hours in the summer and winter respectively), have 7-hour working days from 15th May to 14th September.

Access to the Domus Medica building

The building is closed all day and night from 27th June to 2nd August. This means that you will need to use your UiO access card and code in order to enter the building, so always remembre to bring your access card with you! No temporary access cards can be issued during this period.

If you have problems with your UiO access card, please contact the Security Operation Center that is staffed 24 hours a day all year round.

Reception desks

The main reception desk is open part-time until Friday 17th July.

From 20th to 21st July, no services will be available at the main reception desk and it will only function as a reception for deliveries. During this period enquiries sent to the main reception`s email however receive a reply.

New applications for affiliation to IMB will not be processed. Contact if you have questions about this.

Enquiries to the local, departmental reception desks can also be sent to:

Education management/stydy advisory service

The education management administration/study advisory service is staffed during the whole summer period. Ann Phung can be contacted for all enquiries related to module 1, module 2 and the Master Degree in Clinical Nutrition.  

HR and HSE

The HR/HSE section is staffed during the whole of July. Contact for all enquiries relation to HR/HSE during the summmer and the member of staff on duty, will answer to your enquiry.

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)  coordinator will be available on site during weeks 28, 29 and 30. However: E-mails relating  to HSE issues can always be sent to:

Finance and purchases

Administrative services relating to invoicing, accounting documents and project finance support, will be maintained during the whole of the summer period. The automatic out-of-office email reply from each member of staff will inform you whom you should contact while staff are away on leave. Since members off staff are standing for each other, you should expect a longer response time to your enquiries than during the rest of the year.

Our Purchasing Coordinator Rita Eng has her last day of work day on 3rd July. If you need assistance with purchases costing over NOK 100.000 (excl. VAT) please contact Section Manager Trude Abelsen before 3 July or after 5 August.rdth

Internal services

The Electronic Workshop is closed from 6th to 31st July.

The Mechanical Workshop is open during the whole summer but with reduced staffing.

The IT Department is manned throughout the summer and can be contacted by telephone on 22 85 12 00 or by email

The Photo and Graphics service is closed 1st to 31st July

The Section Manager for Internal Services is unavailable from 13th July  - 7th August

Communication and web editing

The Institute´s Communications Adviser/Web publisher is unavailable from 29th June to 26th July.

Enquiries from the press and urgent enquiries wil however be processed and should be sent to:


 Anatomy bequest program

The anatomy bequest program coordinator is unavailable from 13th to 31st July.

Department of Comparative Medicine

The Department of Comparative Medicine (KPM) will remain open throughout the summer, though olease expect some reduction in staffing levels. Access to the Department is linited adn must be applied for using this online form (in Norwegian)

Enquiries sent to will be replied to throughout the summer.

Important numbers:

Emergency numbers:

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulance: 113

UiO Security Operation Center:

Contact the duty phone 228 55007 or emergency phone 228 56666

Poison Information: 22 59 13 00

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