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Services offered at IMB while UiO is closed

The Institute’s support functions will continue to operate as fully as possible. Below you will find information on the services offered by the Institute’s technical and administrative support departments/divisions during the closure.

For further information, please visit UiO’s web pages with information about the Corona situation at UiO.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions about the Corona situation there, please send an email to:

Many employees need to plan job-related conversations and digital meetings because working from home means that such activities must take account of the fact that their children are doing schoolwork at home and their partners are also working from home. Some are therefore partly working at other times of the day than during core working hours in order to achieve this. For this reason, we recommend that you send an email in advance to agree a time for conversations and meetings with colleagues and others.

Finance Section

The Finance Section will maintain all its normal operations while UiO is closed. Invoices and vouchers will be processed on an on-going basis, as will payments to those on hourly contracts.

Both of our research administrators are working from home.

All our project economists are also working from home and can be contacted by email. They are holding meetings with project leaders via Teams, Zoom or Skype when the need arises. Access to digital tools varies, but everyone in the Finance Section can use at least one of these three platforms.

The purchasing coordinator is working from home at 40% capacity during this week and 60% from next week and can also be contacted by email.

Section for HR and HSE

The employees in the Section for HR and HSE are working from home and maintaining normal operations.

If you are a leader with HR responsibility for an employee who is due to start work at IMB while UiO is closed, please contact your personnel adviser as soon as possible for help with planning and facilitating onboarding.

Enquiries about personnel matters can be sent to our joint email address:

You can also contact the relevant personnel adviser directly by email or telephone

Section for Education Management and Administrative Services

All employees in this section are equipped for working and performing their tasks from home. They can be contacted by email or via digital meeting platforms.

  • Purchases and invoice processing continues as usual. Please contact your local purchaser to place orders. If you need to know if the ordered goods have been received, you can contact the main reception desk at
  • The Main Reception Desk is manned by one employee every day from 9 am - 3 pm during the whole time the building is closed. However, this is only for the physical delivery and storage of goods. All other enquiries should be sent by email to:
  • Communications/web editing is staffed and can be contacted as usual by email:
  • The study advisers have unusually high workloads at the moment. Response times to enquiries regarding other matters than the on-going efforts to provide digital teaching and alternative forms of examination this spring term will therefore be longer than usual.

Section of Internal Services 

IT Department

The Institute’s IT staff are working from home and following up all matters communicated by email to

IT employees are classified as key workers in order that IT networks and critical communications are maintained.  

Staff in the IT and AV divisions can provide remote assistance on matters sent in to the joint email address above, but direct physical help in the workplace or at home is unfortunately very restricted due to the risk of infection. Instead, they can offer guidance using digital platforms.

If you need assistance with setting up a computer or turning on computers, please send an email to the above address.

Photo and Graphics Services

Staff are working from home with assignments that do not require physical presence, for example drafting, but are not able to come and take photographs. Gunnar Lothe’s last day of work at IMB will be 31st March, when he will be retiring, but Carina is available by email

Mechanical Workshop and Electronic Workshop

The workshop staff are naturally dependent on access to their workplace in order to carry out their normal tasks, but they are working as best they can from home, drafting and following up in-coming assignments.

No tasks that require physical presence in the workshops are being carried out.

One member of staff is in readiness and can come to the building at short notice if a critical need for this should arise.

All enquiries, apart from orders communicated via the normal web form, should be sent to Knut Rekdahl, who is available by telephone and email

Section Manager

Torgeir Kvernstuen is working mostly from home but goes into Domus Medica when there is a critical need for this, after obtaining permission from the Head of the Institute.

Department of Comparative Medicine

The Department is maintaining a skeleton staff in order to safeguard the good health and welfare of the animals. The animal care workers and veterinarians can be contacted by telephone and email as usual.

Researchers are only allowed into the building for specific reasons and subject to agreement with the Head of the Institute.

The termination and separation of animals can be performed, but all other requests will not be carried out or will take longer than normal.

The ordering of animals from external sources has ceased for the time being. 

By Kyrre Vigestad, Deborah Ann Arnfinsen
Published Mar. 25, 2020 2:12 PM - Last modified Feb. 18, 2021 5:00 PM