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Department of Nutrition

The Department teaches nutrition to medical, nutrition and dentistry students, and conduct research in the field of nutrition.

Teaching at the Department

The Department is responsible for teaching the Master's programme in clinical nutrition and for teaching nutrition in the professional study programme in medicine. During the first part of the 5-year Master's programme in clinical nutrition (3 ½ semesters), students follow the same study programme as medical and dentistry students. The rest of the studies are tailored specifically to students of nutrition.

Nutrition is taught in the professional study programme in medicine over a period of several semesters, mostly in semester 4A. Instruction includes lectures, courses, and supervision of problem-based learning groups.

Research at the Department

The Department is strongly positioned in international research; it's the largest department of nutrition in Europe associated with a medical faculty. The Department has a high researcj profil and publishes widely.

Research projects mainly involve the fields of nutritional biology, molecular nutrition, clinical nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, diet research and research on policy instruments. The Department's employees frequently lead and/or participate in national and international research projects.


Postal address P.O.Box 1046 Blindern 0317 Oslo Visiting address Domus Medica Gaustad Sognsvannsveien 9 0372 Oslo Phone: 22 85 13 40

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