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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324
Picture of Johanna Henny Wagnerberger Wagnerberger, Johanna Henny Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Chencheng Wang Wang, Chencheng Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Daxin Wang Wang, Daxin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 96699001 Glutamate transporter, plasmid construct, adult stem cell, hippocampus
Picture of Jon Ingvar Wedervang Wedervang, Jon Ingvar Senior Engineer +47 22851251 Local IT support, Network, Applications, Printing, E-mail
Picture of Jørgen Wesche Wesche, Jørgen Adjunct Professor
Wyrozemski, Lukasz Adam Principal Engineer Molecular biology, adaptive immunity, T cells, autoimmune diseases
Wæhler, Hallvard Austin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ajay Yadav Yadav, Ajay Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Teferi Mekonnen Yitayew Yitayew, Teferi Mekonnen
Picture of Muhammad Zahoor Zahoor, Muhammad Researcher
Zhao, Zhi
Picture of Yun Zhou Zhou, Yun Principal Engineer +47 22851243 Brain and nervous system, Molecular nutrition
Picture of Mahshid Zolfaghari Zolfaghari, Mahshid Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Manuela Zucknick Zucknick, Manuela Associate Professor +47 22851193 +47 90812078 Biostatistics, Cancer, Risk prediction, Integrative genomics, Epidemiology, Personalised Medicine, Precision Medicine
Ødegaard, Emilie Eliseussen Doctoral Research Fellow Biostatistics, Genomics, Cancer
Picture of Elisabeth Adolfsen Øhman Øhman, Elisabeth Adolfsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99585532 40182738
Picture of Anne Carine Østvold Østvold, Anne Carine +47 22851097
Picture of Ole Morten Øyen Øyen, Ole Morten Lecturer
Picture of Linn Kristin Lie Øyri Øyri, Linn Kristin Lie Doctoral Research Fellow 97548283
Picture of Odd Olai Aalen Aalen, Odd Olai Biostatistics
Picture of Arnfinn Aamodt Aamodt, Arnfinn