Persons tagged with «nutrition»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lene Frost Andersen Andersen, Lene Frost Head of Department +47 22851374 +47 47365594 Nutrition, Prevention, Dietary assessment method, Dietary Research, Nutritional epidemiology
Picture of Rune Blomhoff Blomhoff, Rune Professor +47 22851395 +47 99571968 Nutrition
Picture of Sonja Hjellegjerde Brunvoll Brunvoll, Sonja Hjellegjerde +4792087911 Cancer, Dietary Research, Breast cancer, Nutrition
Picture of Monica Hauger Carlsen Carlsen, Monica Hauger Associate Professor +47 22851370 +47 47253391 Nutrition, Dietary Research, Dietary assessment method, Nutritional epidemiology, Dietary interventions, Food composition, Database
Picture of Knut Tomas Dalen Dalen, Knut Tomas Associate Professor +47 22851515 +47 91134097 Nutrition, Diabetes and hormones, Musculo-skeletal system, Lipids, Lipid droplets, Transcription, Nuclear receptors
Picture of Christine Henriksen Henriksen, Christine Associate Professor +47 22851380 +47 99003128 Clinical nutrition, Nutrition
Picture of Anette Hjartåker Hjartåker, Anette Professor +47 22851330 +47 40289790 Nutrition, Cancer, Epidemiology, Method development and evaluation, Dietary Research, Diet
Picture of Per Ole Iversen Iversen, Per Ole Professor +47 22851391 +47 41559532 Nutrition
Picture of Svein Olav Kolset Kolset, Svein Olav Professor Nutrition, diabetes, glycobiology, inflammation, intellectual disabilities and health
Picture of Dina Moxness Konglevoll Konglevoll, Dina Moxness Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90827377 +45 28596866 Nutritional epidemiology, Nutrition
Picture of Nanna Lien Lien, Nanna Professor +47 22851378 +47 97593816 Nutrition, Behaviour, Public health nutrition, Children and adolescents, Social inequalities in health, Longitudinal studies
Picture of Biljana Meshkovska Meshkovska, Biljana Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93081466 nutrition, public health nutrition, human trafficking
Picture of Kjetil Retterstøl Retterstøl, Kjetil Professor +47 22851521 +47 22293045 Cardiovascular diseases, Heart, Pharmacology, Diabetes, Nutrition, Life sciences
Picture of Stine Marie Ulven Ulven, Stine Marie Professor +47 22840208 +47 99016974 Nutrition, controlled dietary intervention studies, gene regulation, fatty acids, lipids, lipid metabolism, personalized nutrition, Nordic
Picture of Marit Bragelien Veierød Veierød, Marit Bragelien Professor Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Cancer, Heart vascular and lungs, Research methodology