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Academic interests

  • Nutrition
  • Iron metabolism
  • Iron deficiency and overload

Courses taught



  • 1978: Evaluated and declared competent as Dr. philos
  • 1964: Cand. real. (Eq. M. Sc.), University of Oslo, Zoophysiology (insect endocrinology)

Positions held

  • 2002: Professor emerita
  • 1998-2002: Senior Research Fellow (Throne-Holst Fund)
  • 1993: Professor
  • 1977: Associate Professor
  • 1975: Assistant Professor, Nordic School of Nutrition, University of Oslo
  • 1968-1975: Assistant at Zoological Institute, Univ of Oslo
  • 1965-67: Studies at Stanford University Medical School (histochemistry/electron microscopy) Scholarship from Science and Technical Research Council of Norway (NTNF)
  • 1959-65: Assistant to Prof. A. Semb-Johansson, Zoological Laboratory, Univ of Oslo (The Research Council of Norway [NRC])


  • 2009: 2nd price – best survey article: ”Hemokromatose – fra underdiagnostisert kuriositet til folkesykdom.” Tidsskr. Nor Legeforen 2009;129(9):858-62
  • 1974: H. M. King Olav’s Gold Medal for the paper "Vitellogenese in the milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus Dallas (Hemiptera) and the effect of the corpus allatum hormone on the ovarian tissue. A light and electron microscopical investigation". (Schreiner B. J Morphol 1977; 151: 35-80 + J Morphol 1977; 151: 81-110.)

Positions held

  • 1999-2010: Established, together with Rolv Brandtzæg and Helge Bell, Norwegian Haemochromatosis Association; member of the board 1999-2007; member of election committee 2007-10
  • 1993-95: Member of the board: Norwegian Nutrition Society
  • Referee: Eur J Clin Nutr, Tidsskr Nor Lægeforen, Scand J Nutr, Acta Paediatrica and Comp Biochem Physiol
  • 1983-84: Chairman: Norwegian Physiological Society
  • 1981-83: Member of the board: Norwegian Physiological Society
  • 1980-85: Member of the board: Scandinavian Association of Electron microscopy
  • 1979: Member of organizing committee: Scandem-79 (EM conference in Oslo)

Participation in national or Nordic scientific committees

  • 2000: Risk evaluation of iron. Report submitted by Borch-Iohnsen B; on the instructions of Norwegian Food Control Authority, Department of Food Law and International Affairs. Jan 2000, pp. 15
  • 2000: Evaluation of the permission to add iron to Norwegian brown whey cheese and whey products. Report (in Norwegian) submitted by a working group (Borch-Iohnsen B, Pedersen JI, Johansson L) appointed by the National Council on Nutrition and Physical Activity; 4/2000
  • 1993-95: Member of a Nordic project group: "Risk Evaluation of Essential Trace Elements – essential versus toxic levels of intake"; Nordic Council of Ministers 1993. (Borch-Iohnsen B, Pettersson Grawé K. Iron. Nord 1995;18:67-117)
  • 1990-95: Member of a Norwegian project group on ”Use of iron supplement in pregnancy” (inquiry from WHO/Europe) from 1990. Recommendations for selective iron supplementation in pregnancy were proposed in Norway in 1993, and included in the antenatal care guidelines for primary health care centres given by the Norwegian Board of Health 1995
Tags: Iron deficiency, Iron metabolism, Dietary iron, Nutrition, Iron overload


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  • Borch-Iohnsen, Berit (2009). Jern, I:  Grunnleggende ernæringslære.  Gyldendal Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-05-39522-0.  pkt 11.4.  s 253 - 267

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