Birgit Kriener

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Room 0297
Visiting address Domus Medica
Postal address Postboks 1103 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

I am a researcher working in computational neuroscience. My current work deals with understanding the origin of oscillations and temporal coding in neuronal networks. In particular, I am interested in the role that the distribution of synapses across the dendritic tree and the temporal statistics of the synaptic activity play in network function. Other research interests include: correlation structure in complex spiking neuron networks; dynamics and graph theoretical properties of spatially embedded networks; rate models derived from the spike dynamics of neuronal networks and individual neurons; pattern formation in spiking networks and neural field models; thalamo-cortical processing; persistent activity in networks with strong synapses; winner-take-all models as models for decision-making.


Nov 2016 til now: Researcher at UiO, Norway, IMB, Laboratory for Neural Computation (Vervaeke lab)

2014-2016: Researcher at UT Austin, USA, Center for Learning and Memory (Fiete lab)

2010-2013: Postdoc at NMBU Ås, Norway, IMT (Einevoll lab)

2008-2010: Postdoc at MPI for Dynamics & Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany (Timme group)

2003-2007: Doctoral studies (Biology, focus Computational Neuroscience) at University of Freiburg, Germany (Aertsen lab)

1996-2003: Studies of physics and mathematics, and Diplom in theoretical physics (Lässig group) at University of Cologne, Germany


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