Erlend Ignacio Fleck Fossen

Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Biostatistics
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Mobile phone +47 94059244
Room 2285
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1122 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Academic interests

  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine learning and predictive modelling
  • Survival analysis
  • Genetics and genomics
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Limnology
  • Biosystematics and taxonomy
I currently develop and apply methods in statistics, bioinformatics and machine learning to study and predict cancer outcomes (e.g. survival/recurrence) and changes in quality of life of head and neck cancer patients. I have previously worked on transcriptomics, life history evolution, thermal plasticity and adaptation, quantitative genetics, allometry of metabolism, population dynamics, and biosystematics in water scavenger beetles, nematodes and water fleas (Daphnia).

Education and employment history


  • Bruijning M, Fossen EIF, Jongejans E, Vanvelk H, Raeymaekers J, Govaert L, Brans K, Einum S, De Meester L (2021). Host-parasite dynamics shaped by temperature and genotype: quantifying the role of underlying vital rates. Functional Ecology 00: 1-15
  • Fossen EIF, Raeymaekers JAM, Einum S. (2021). Do genetic differences in growth thermal reaction norms maintain genetic variation in timing of diapause induction? Freshwater Biology 66(11): 2185-2195
  • Fossen EIF, Pélabon C, Einum S. (2019). Genetic and environmental effects on the scaling of metabolic rate with body size. Journal of Experimental Biology 222: jeb193243
  • Einum S, Fossen EIF, Parry V, Pélabon C. (2019). Genetic variation in metabolic rate and correlations with other energy budget components and life history in Daphnia magna. Evolutionary Biology 46: 170–178
  • Fossen EIF, Pélabon C, Einum S. (2018). An empirical test for a zone of canalization in thermal reaction norms. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31: 936-943
  • Yashchenko V, Fossen EIF, Kielland ØN, Einum S. (2016). Negative relationships between population density and metabolic rates are not general. Journal of Animal Ecology 85(4): 1070-1077
  • Fossen EIF, Ekrem T, Nilsson AN, Bergsten J. (2016). Species delimitation in northern European water scavenger beetles of the genus Hydrobius (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae). Zookeys 564: 71-120
Tags: Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Machine learning, Predictive modelling, Survival analysis, Genetics, Genomics, Ecology, Evolution, Limnology, Biosystematics, Taxonomy
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