Haakon Breien Benestad

Professor emeritus
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Academic interests

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Courses taught

  • Lectures at Medical faculty, for 1. and 3. semester medical, dentistry and nutrition students on the following topics: procreation of various species and the reproductive system in man; stem cells and the generation and function of haemic cells; inflammation; defence mechanisms of the respiratory tract
  • Lectures and case discussion in basic PhD course at Medical faculty: research planning, check list and methods in basic medical research; ethics and fraud in science


  • 2010: Professor emeritus
  • 1990:  Professor of Medicine (Cell Physiology)
  • 1983 – 2003: Annual courses for PhD students in the basics of the  biomedical research process (with Dr. J.-G. Iversen)
  • 1983 – ca. 2000: Medical faculty consultant on university pedagogics, practical aspects of teaching in medical school
  • 1972: PhD (UiO)  with thesis “Murine haematopoiesis studied with the diffusion chamber technique”
  • 1965: MD University of Oslo (UiO)


  • 2006 – 09: Elected Pro-Rector University of Oslo


  • Colaboration with Professor Bent Rolstad, Immunebiological lab, Dept. of anatomy, Inst. of Basic Medical Sciences
Tags: Blood and immunology, Research ethics, Stem cells


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  • Benestad, Haakon Breien & Valeur, Jørgen (2018). Har tarmfloraen betydning for utvikling av multippel sklerose?. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening.  ISSN 0029-2001.  138(3), s 235- 235
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  • Benestad, Haakon Breien (2014). Re: En mann i 80-årene med muskelstivhet og hudblødninger :. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening.  ISSN 0029-2001.  134(14), s 1344 . doi: 10.4045/tidsskr.14.0819
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