Lars Walløe

Professor Emeritus - Systems Physiology
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Phone +47-22851218
Room 2364
Visiting address Postboks 1103 Blindern None 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

  • cardiovascular control mechanisms in man and in other large mammals
  • whale biology and population dynamics
  • historical demography, especially effects of plague epidemics

Courses taught

  • Previously (until summer 2011): all courses in cardiovascular physiology for medical students (1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th semester), general evolution and human evolution (1st semester)
  • AB 203: Environmental Management Course – UNIS – Svalbard (6 lectures/year) 



  • Cand. mag.  1961 (Oslo) (chemistry, physics, mathematics) ~ B.Sc.
  • Cand. real. 1965 June (Oslo) (physical chemistry) ~ M.Sc. (or Ph.D.)
  • Cand. med.  1965 Dec (Oslo) ~ M.D.
  • Dr. med. 1968 (Oslo) (simulation study of neural nets) ~ Ph.D.


  • Professor of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, 1988 – 2008
  • Research Director (part time), Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, 1995 – 2005
  • Professor II (part time), Department of Arctic Biology, University of Tromsø, 2002 – 2007
  • Professor of Informatics and Head of the Department of Informatics, UiO, 1978 - 1988
  • Associate Professor of Informatics, Department of Physics, UiO, 1970 - 1978
  • Assistant Professor of Physiology 1968  - 1970
  • Research Fellow in Physiology 1965 – 1968

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  • Fridtjof Nansen Award for his physiological research 1992
  • Commandeur dans I’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (France) 2002
  • Kommandør av Den Kongelige Norske St. Olavs Orden 2005 (Commander of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav)
  • Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (Japan) 2009 

Positions held

  • Vice-President and President of The Norwegian Academy of  Science  and Letters (alternating every year) 1997 - 2004
  • Chairman of the Norwegian National Committee for Environmental Research 1988 - 1992
  • Chairman of the Research Board for Environment and Development (One of six research boards in The Research Council of Norway) 1993 - 2001
  • Chairman of European Science Foundation’s (ESF) Standing Committee for Life and Environmental Sciences (LESC) 1999 – 2003
  • Member of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Health Research 2000 – 2005
  • Member of the European Research Advisory Board for the European Commission (EURAB) 2001-2004
  • Chief scientific adviser to the Norwegian Government on management of marine mammals 1986 - present
  • Head of the Norwegian delegation to the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) 1989 - present
  • President of Academia Europaea (The European Academy of Science and Letters) 2008 – 2014 


Tags: Cardiovascular control, Demography, Biology of whales, Plague, Biostatistics, Heart and blood vessels


  • Alfsen, Erik; Størmer, Fredrik Carl; Njå, Arild & Walløe, Lars (2018). A proposed tandem mechanism for memory storage in neurons involving magnetite and prions. Medical Hypotheses.  ISSN 0306-9877.  119, s 98- 101
  • Dean, Katharine Rose; Krauer, Fabienne; Walløe, Lars; Lingjærde, Ole Christian; Bramanti, Barbara; Stenseth, Nils Christian & Schmid, Boris Valentijn (2018). Human ectoparasites and the spread of plague in Europe during the Second Pandemic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.  ISSN 0027-8424.  115(6), s 1304- 1309 . doi: 10.1073/pnas.1715640115
  • Thoresen, Marianne; Falck, Mari; Osredkar, Damjan; Maes, Elke; Flatebø, Torun; Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Walløe, Lars & Sabir, Hemmen (2018). Hypothermia is neuroprotective after severe hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury in neonatal rats pre-exposed to PAM3CSK4. Developmental Neuroscience.  ISSN 0378-5866. . doi: 10.1093/cid/cix662
  • Bramanti, Barbara; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Walløe, Lars & Xu, Lei (2016). Plague: A disease which changed the path of human civilication, In Ruifu Yang & Andrey Anisimov (ed.),  Yersinia pestis: Retrospective and perspective.  Springer.  ISBN 978-94-024-0888-1.  Kapittel 1.  s 1 - 23
  • Walløe, Lars (2016). Arterio-venous anastomoses in the human skin and their role in temperature control. Temperature.  ISSN 2332-8940.  3(1), s 92- 103 . doi: 10.1080/23328940.2015.1088502
  • Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Osredkar, Damjan; Puchades, Maja Amedjkouh; Maes, Elke; Falck, Mari; Flatebø, Torun; Walløe, Lars; Sabir, Hemmen & Thoresen, Marianne (2016). Treatment temperature and insult severity influence the neuroprotective effects of therapeutic hypothermia. Scientific Reports.  ISSN 2045-2322.  6 . doi: 10.1038/srep23430 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Elstad, Maja & Walløe, Lars (2015). Heart rate variability and stroke volume variability to detect central hypovolemia during spontaneous breathing and supported ventilation in young, healthy volunteers. Physiological Measurement.  ISSN 0967-3334.  36(4), s 671- 681 . doi: 10.1088/0967-3334/36/4/671
  • Konishi, Kenji & Walløe, Lars (2015). Substantial decline in energy storage and stomach fullness in Antarctic minke whales during the 1990s.. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management.  ISSN 1561-0713.  15, s 77- 92

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  • Cunen, Celine Marie Løken; Walløe, Lars & Hjort, Nils Lid (2017). Decline in energy storage in Antarctic Minke whales during the JARPA period: Assessment via the Focused Information Criterion (FIC).
  • Cunen, Celine; Walløe, Lars & Hjort, Nils Lid (2017). Decline in energy in Antarctic minke whales during the JARPA period. Assessment via the Focused Information Criterion (FIC). IWC_SC/67A/EM04.

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