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Academic Interests

  • iPSC generation, expansion and biobanking
  • iPSC differentiation to 3 Germ layers
  • iPSC to gametes in vitro and further Reproductive Cloning
  • iPSC expansion to Industrial scale in Bioreactors
  • Isolation and Purification of Growth Factors from iPSC Cultures


  1. iPSC generation from Livestock and endangered species using non-integrative method (Frozen Ark)
  2. iPSC differentiated to muscle cells for Clean meat production in vitro
  3. iPSC of endangered species differentiated to gametes formation in vitro

Research Groups

Prof. Gareth Sullivan Reprogramming Group AND Pediatric Research Institute, National Hospital.

Educational Background

2014: PhD in using reproductive technologies and iPS Cells to save endangered wild cats, Monash University, Melbourne.

2003: Master's in Plant Breeding / Agriculture “Molecular mapping of Low temperature male sterility in rice using Micro-satellite markers.” University of Sydney, Plant Breeding Institute, Sydney.

2000: Bachelor's in Applied Biology (Biotechnology), Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne.

Awards & Prizes

  • Best Speaker in 4 th International Stem Cell Conference in New Delhi, India (2018).
  • Best Speaker in International Stem Cell Conference at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand (2015).
  • AMITY University Memento in Stem Cell Symposium, New Delhi, India (2014).
  • Nobel India magazine awarded the “Youngest achiever” of India by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India (2013)
  • Lucknow mahotsav event by Govt. of India awarded the “High Achiever” of India by Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India (2013)
  • Awarded Youngest Indian Scientist in Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (2012)
  • Nominated for the Young Scientist of Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (2012)

  • First Prize in the PhD Students Annual Symposium, MIMR, Melbourne, Australia (2012)
  •  First Scientist in the world to make stem cells from Snow Leopard, Melbourne, Australia. (2012)
  • Victorian PhD Scholarship (MIMR) Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2009)
  • South Australian PhD scholarship (faculty of health science) from the University of Adelaide, Australia (2008).
  • Awarded First prize on the poster competition at Dairy CRC Annual Conference in Queensland, Australia ( 2007 ).
  •  Completion of Master's degree by High Distinction (Topper) in 2002. University of Sydney, Australia
  • Rice CRC Honors scholarship. Rice CRC, Australia 2002.
  • Supplementary scholarship for Master's in Agriculture in 2002 . University of Sydney, Australia    
  • Pest Animal Control Honors scholarship in 2002 . CSIRO Animal Reproduction Unit, Canberra, Australia.
  • IASTE Studentship for Technical Experience. Forest Genetic Department, University of Gottingen, Germany 2001
  • Undergraduate Summer Vacation Scholarship. Quality Wheat CRC, Australia  2000
  • Best Biotechnology student of the year 1998, 1999 & 2000 . Victoria University of Technology. Melbourne, Australia.

Teaching Experience

Guest lecturer for Graduate and Masters Students in Clinical Embryology 2012 and 2013: Stem Cells and Cell Reprogramming, Monash Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia.

Bovine IVF training for Master's students (2014) at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.


Publications and Patent

Verma, R. , Zhao, X. , Dolferus, R., Darvey, N., and Dennis, ES ( 2002) . “Chromosomal location of QTLs controlling low temperature induce male sterility in temperate Japonica rice” Plant Breeding Journal, Vol 62, University of Sydney.

Lim ML, Vassiliev I, Richings NM, Verma R , Firsova A, Zhang C and Verma PJ . (2011) A novel, efficient method to derive bovine and mouse embryonic stem cells with in vivo differentiation potential by treatment with 5-azacytidine. Theriogenology; 76 (1): 133-42.

Verma R , Holland MK, Temple-Smith P, Verma PJ . (2012) Inducing pluripotency in somatic cells from the snow leopard (Panthera uncia), an endangered felid. Theriogenology 77 (1): 220-8.

Verma R , Liu J, Holland MK, Temple-Smith P, Williamson M and Verma PJ . (2013) Nanog is an Essential Factor for Induction of Pluripotency in Somatic Cells from Endangered Felids. (201 3 ) BioRes Open Access. 2 (1): 72-6. doi: 10.1089 / biores.2012.0297.

Verma R, Ghahfarokhi T Amir, Suprakob G Rachanont and Verma PJ. (2018) Oct-4, the Most Important Pluripotency Gene: Cloning, Characterization and Bioinformatics Analysis in Endangered Wild Cats; Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard and Jaguar. Journal of Stem Cell and Transplantation Biology, ISSN: 2469-5157. Open Access, Elyns group

Verma R, Shelar Yogesh, Venkatesh MP and Bansode M (2019) Overview of current regulatory practices, challenges & guidance for regulation of ”(stem cells and stem cell derived products) in India. Cient Periodique Journal, Volume 6, Issue 6, Open Access

Verma R, Shelar Yogesh, Venkatesh MP and Bansode M (2019) “WHO Pre-Qualification for Vaccine Manufacturing”. Cient Periodique Journal, Volume 6, Issue 6, Open Access

Verma R, Shashi Paul, Balamuralidhara V and Bansode M (2019) “Regulatory Requirements and Approval Procedure of Combination Profucts (Medical Devices) in India”. Cient Periodique Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2, Open Access

Verma R,  Pornpun Saengmuang, Tanabodee Payuha, Mendoza Julie,  Rotsarin Narang, Naphapatsorn Bondee, Dmitriev Sergei and Collier M Paul (2019) "Robust, Efficient and Pure Induced Mesenchymal Stem Cells Generation from mRNA Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Suspension, Manuscript Accepted   ( November) in Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy.


Verma R , Sullivan G (2020) iPSC technology, an innovative tool for developing clean meat, livestock and a frozen ark. Review Article, Nature food Journal, (manuscript under review).


Sullivan G, Harrison S P, Baumgarten S F, Verma R, Lunov O and Dejneka A (2020) 3D Liver cultures: recent developments, limitations and potential, Review Artcle, Frontiers in Medicine, section Translational Medicine, (manuscript under review)



Verma R, Dmitriev S and Collier M P (2019) Method Of Producing Mesenchymal-Like Stem Cells Derived From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, File No: PCT/TH2019/000065


Springer Book Chapter

  •      Verma R and Verma PJ . (2014)  Stem cells in animal species from pre-clinic to biodiversity. Springer. Humana Press NY. (published June 2014)
  • Heffernan C, Sumer H, Verma R , Liu J, Malver L, Carlvaho E, and Verma PJ.   (2013) Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Stem Cells. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. Volume 786. Springer, Humana Press NY. United States
  • Heffernan C, Sumer H, Verma R and Verma PJ . (2009) Generation of clinically relevant pluripotent cells. In Pluripotent Stem Cells . Springer, Ed: Columbus F. Nova Publishers, NY. USA.

                                       Journals Reviewer and Co-editor for


1. Domestic Animal Reproduction (Reviewer)

2. Animal Reproduction (Reviewer)

3. Reproduction (Reviewer)

4. International Journal of Applied and Pure Science and Agriculture (Co-editor)

5. Blood (Reviewer)

6. CPQ Medicine Journal of Canada (Co-editor)

7. Traditional Medicine Research (TMR) (Reviewer)

8. Journal of Medical Research and Therapy (Editor)

9. Journal of Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology (Editor)


Conferences and Workshops


Rice International Genome Conference “Chromosomal location of QTLs controlling low temperature induce male sterility in temperate Japonica rice” Canberra, Australia February 2004.

ISSCR Conference, Poster on “Successful isolation of an ESC line from mouse blastocysts pre-treated with the demethylating agent, 5-Azacytadine” Cairns, Australia 2007.

Dairy CRC Poster on “Successful isolation of an ESC line from mouse blastocysts pre-treated with the demethylating agent, 5-Azacytadine” Sunshine Coast, Australia 2007.

H. Thissen, P. R. Verma , Pasic, E. Anglin, M. Kurkuri, G. Johnson, G. McFarland, V. Glattauer, K. Cartledge,, R. Davey, S. Hope, JA Werkmeister, JAM Ramshaw , NH Voelcker, High throughput screening of cell-material interactions, 3rd CSIRO Advanced Materials Conference and Workshops CAM 2008 (18.02.-20.02.2008) Melbourne, Australia.

V. Glattauer, KA Cartledge, R. Verma , Z. Lokmic, LM Sorokin, JA Werkmeister, JAM Ramshaw, Development of biosynthetic surfaces that simulate a basement membrane, 8th World Biomaterials Congress (28.05.-01.06.2008) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Invited Speaker at 2 nd Annual International Medical Research Congress Conference "Inducing pluripotency in Somatic cells from the Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia), an Endangered felid", Melbourne, Australia in 2011.

Invited Speaker at iPS cells in livestock and endangered animals conference "Inducing Pluripotency in Snow Leopard ear fibroblasts, an endangered felid" in Queensland -2011
Invited Speaker at SRB and World Congress, "Inducing pluripotency in Wild Cats ear fibroblasts" Cairns-2011
Monash University , Symposium Speaker : "Inducing Pluripotency in Wild Cat Ear Fibroblasts" Melbourne, Nov2011
Invited Speaker at CCMB (Center of Cellular and Molecular Biology), LACONES department- "Inducing Pluripotency in Snow Leopard Ear Fibroblasts, and Endangered Felid" Hyderabad (India) Jan2011
Invited speaker at Deakin University, "Inducing Pluripotency in Snow Leopard Ear Fibroblasts, and Endangered Felid" Geelong- Mar 2011

Invited Speaker at IETS (International Embryo Transfer Society), "Inducing Pluripotency in Snow Leopard Ear Fibroblasts, and Endangered Felid" Phoenix (USA) Jan 2012

Keynote Speaker in Wildlife conference at Khao Kheow Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand, 2014

Keynote Speaker in AMITY university for Stem Cell Symposium, New Delhi, India, 2014

Invited Speaker in ARBS conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 2014

Invited Speaker in Mahidol University Stem Cell Conference, Bangkok, 2015

Invited Speaker in ASRM conference in Bangkok, Thailand 2016

Invited Speaker in Regenerative Medicine conference in Bangkok, Thailand 2017

Keynote Speaker in 4 th Stem Cell Conference (SCSICON), New Delhi, India in 2018.

Keynote Speaker in iPSC from lab to clinical Conference at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India, 2018

Keynote Speaker in 3rd International Stem Cell Conference at DY Patil University, Pune, India, 2019

                                                Radio and TV Interviews


  • Sahara Channel TV interview in India on 20 th December 2013 on “Saving Bengal tigers by Stem cells”
  • University of Buenos Aires Radio on 15 th April 2012, 87.9FM
  • BBC London radio on 30 th March 2012.
  • ABC Gippsland on 29 th March 2012, 93.1FM
  • Mirchi Radio on 18 th March 2012, 91.4 FM
  • FAIRFAX Australia TV interview live on 2 nd November 2011 on Melbourne Cup on "Horse Cloning"

                                    Newspapers Articles and Media Stories













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