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Academic interests

3D and organotypic culture from PSCs.


Research Associate and PhD at the University of Manchester working on Liver differentiation from PSCs.

Positions held

  • Postdoctoral fellow at UiO




S. Harrison*, M. Baxter*, S. Withey*, C. P. Segeritz, F. Zhang, R. Atkinson-Dell, C. Rowe, D. T. Gerrard, R. Sison-Young, R. Jenkins, J. Henry, A. A. Berry, L. Mohamet, M. Best, S. W. Fenwick, H. Malik, N. R. Kitteringham, C. E. Goldring, K. P. Hanley, L. Vallier and N. A. Hanley. Phenotypic and functional analyses show stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells better mimic fetal rather than adult hepatocytes. Journal of Hepatology (2015)

Citations: 63, Impact Factor: 11.33   


R. Kia, L. Kelly, R. L. Sison-Young, F. Zhang, C. S. Pridgeon, J. A. Heslop, P. Metcalfe, N. R. Kitteringham, M. Baxter, S. Harrison, N. A. Hanley, Z. D. Burke, M. P. Storm, M. J. Welham, D. Tosh, B. Kuppers-Munther, J. Edsbagge, P. J. Lewis, F. Bonner, E. Harpur, J. Sidaway, J. Bowes, S. W. Fenwick, H. Malik, C. E. Goldring and B. K. Park. MicroRNA-122: a novel hepatocyte-enriched in vitro marker of drug-induced cellular toxicity. Toxicological Sciences (2015)

Citations: 17, Impact Factor: 3.88


M. A. Baxter, S. Harrison**, J. Alder**, C. Rowe**, K. Piper Hanley, B. K. Park, N. R. Kitteringham, C. E. Goldring, N. A. Hanley. Generating hepatic cell lineages from pluripotent stem cells for drug toxicity screening. Stem Cell Research (2010)

Citations: 56, Impact Factor: 3.89      


*Joint first author

**Joint second author

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