About advisory services at OCBE

OCBE is one of Europe's most active biostatistics groups. The centre currently includes six tenured professors, four associate professors, twelve researchers, and several post-doctoral fellows and PhD students, making up a group of about 70.

OCBE’s research is internationally recognized, with research interests spanning a broad range of areas, including time-to-event models, data integration, causal inference, statistical genomics, Bayesian inference, missing data, measurement error, epidemiological studies of lifestyle and chronic diseases, stochastic models for infectious diseases, high dimensional data and models.

OCBE has numerous collaborations with leading bio-medical research groups nationally and internationally. In the 2012 national NFR research evaluation, OCBE was judged as excellent by an international committee.  Because of our profound activity in statistical methodological research, OCBE is able to offer research based advising of the highest quality.

On these pages we present the various types of advisory services we offer and how you can access the service. In addition, there is always the welcomed possibility to walk to our offices and knock on our doors, send an email or make a phone call, to any of OCBE’s staff researchers. In particular, if you already have an established personal contact with one of us at OCBE, you can of course continue existing collaborations and supervisions, and start new projects with the same people at OCBE you already know.

Published Apr. 23, 2015 12:25 PM - Last modified Apr. 8, 2022 12:54 PM