How to apply

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We use the information you give us to:

  • Find the best OCBE advisor for your needs
  •  Assign a time slot in the policlinic or an appointment for the other two advising types
  • Track projects and manage contact information
  • Document our advising activities 

Please try to fill out the form as well as you can. We know certain parts are demanding, but you always have the option to bypass them.

What happens after you have submitted your form?

  • If you have requested a meeting to start a long-term collaboration (type 1) or a single project support (type 2), then the person you have requested will be automatically notified, and an email will put you in direct contact to make an appointment.
  • Some requests for type 1 and type 2 advising will start with a policlinic session (type 3). The policlinic session will then conclude with a discussion about follow-up.
  • If you have not requested any particular person (as most often will be the case), or if your requested person is not available, our administrator (who is an experienced statistician) will find the best available OCBE researcher for you and put you in contact by email.
  • If you requested a policlinic support, then you will receive an email with a suggested time point and place. We assign to you one hour. Usually you will also know who your OCBE researcher will be. The policlinic advisory service takes place at one of the two locations:

A: Sogn Arena (Third floor, entrance A), Klaus Torgårds vei 3,0372 Oslo. Go to map

B: Department of Biostatistics, Domus Medica (Second floor), Gaustad, Sognsvannsveien 9, 0372 Oslo. Go to map


  • If you are a PhD student, then your supervisor should join you in the meeting. If the time point does not suit you, please reply to the email to tell us so, and we will find another day.

Additional information for researchers from regional HSØ hospitals

If  you are not able to go to the policlinic locations in Oslo, your policlinic advisory service will happen by skype (preferred), email or phone. The OCBE advisor will contact you to arrange this in advance. In some cases, we will be able to meet in person, and a special time point and location (here or there) will be agreed. 

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