OCBE is involved in several courses for students and researchers at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.

Staff at OCBE participate in a range of introductory and advanced courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine, UiO.

The PhD-courses are part of the Faculty of Medicine's PhD-programme, and PhD-students from the Faculty will be prioritized.

Staff at OCBE is involved in the following courses:


  • MF9120 - Introduction to infectious disease modelling
  • MF9270 - Quantitative biology, or mathematics is biology’s next microscope
  • MF9380 - Population-based Association Analysis
  • MF9460 - Introduction to genetic epidemiology
  • MF9530 - Videregående statistikk: Analyse av repeterte/korrelerte kategoriske data
  • MF9550 - Analyse av repeterte / korrelerte målinger
  • MF9570 - New statistical methods for causal inference
  • MF9580 - Videregående kurs i epidemiologiske metoder

PhD-courses for students at UiO only

  • MF9030 - Introduksjonskurs for det medisinske PhD-programmet, INTRO II
  • MF9030E - Introductory course to the medical PhD program, INTRO II
  • MF9130 - Innføring i statistikk
  • MF9130E - Introductory course in statistics
  • MF9510 - Logistisk regresjon, overlevelsesanalyse og Cox-regresjon
  • MF9510E - Logistic regression, survival analysis and Cox-regression

Courses for the professional study programme for medicine

  • MED1100 - Modul 1: Introduksjon og humanbiologi

Courses in the Master's Programme in Clinical Nutrition

  • ERN2110 - Kosthold, samfunn og ernæringsepidemiologi
  • ERN4110 - Statistikk for masterstudenter i ernæring

Courses in the Master's Programme in International Community Health

  • INTHE4004 - Research Metodology, part 1



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