The Mosfell Archaeological Project

An interdisciplinary excavation project in Iceland, where skeletons from the transition period (between paganism and Christianity) are found, giving new information about the health and living conditions among the first land-takers there. The project, which started already in 1999, has got its own Internet page, and is conducted by Prof. Jesse Byock from the University of California (UCLA).

The Viking Age Project

After a few bones, marked “Oseberg”, were found in The Schreiner Collection, which led to the first paper about the skeletal finds from the Oseberg ship (Holck, 2006), a comprehensive research work has been initiated by the Institute of Cultural History (UiO) based on the reopening of the grave mounds that once covered the Oseberg and the Gokstad Viking ships. This work is still going on to obtain new information from the unique skeletal material from the two ships.

Global History of Health Project

In collaboration with Professor Richard Steckel, University of Columbus, Ohio, a large project is planned to study skeletal remains from northern Europe to South Africa. We hope to examine up to 50.000 individuals from Europe, including isotopic analyses and carbon dates, from pre-history and up to the 19th century

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