Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Diagnosing ME/CFS poses many challenges, particularly caused by the lack of reliable, diagnostic markers and the use of different sets of diagnostic criteria. We are examining if a cardio-pulmonary exercise test on a cycle can distinguish ME/CFS patients from patients with other forms of fatigue

Treatment with modified Atkins diet of refractory epilepsy in adults

Refractory epilepsy is difficult to treat. We are running a randomized trial to examine if a modified version of Atkins diet (low in carbohydrate-high in fat) can reduce the seizure frequency in these patients.

PreNu - Premature Nutrition

The aim is to optimize the nutritional treatment of these infants.

Read more about PreNu (in Norwegian)

The Norwegian Food Study

The primary objective is to test whether diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of overall mortality, as well as cancer recurrence, relapse and comorbidities among patients radically treated for colorectal cancer.

Read more about the Norwegian Food Study

Metabolism in spinal cord injured

The aim is to understand the metabolic changes following an acute trauma to the spinal cord in otherwise healthy People.

Optimizing nutrition to patients undergoing stem cell transplantation

The main aim is to examine if individualized nutritional support reduces the burden of mucositis and increase health-related quality of life after 3 months.

Research Projects in Africa

Centre for Global Health

Read more about research projects in Uganda



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