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Epidemiological and Statistical Methods

Epidemiological and statistical methods are crucial for our understanding of health and diseases.


About the group

Our research in epidemiology encompasses studies of research designs and methods for the epidemology of cronic diseases, like the cardivascular diseases. Our focus is also on genetic susceptibility and effect modification. We have also ongoing research nutritional epidemiology. 

In statistics our research group has worked with several extensions of the classic regression model. Our main contributions lie in the areas of measurement error modelling (ME), functional data analysis (FDA), and analysis of data where multiple measurements are taken from each subject, for instance over time, also called generalized linear mixed models (GLMM).

We have extended existing methodology to high-dimensional data and unspecified models, by utilizing methods coming from related fields in computer science (Boosting). We are also interested in one of the most classic problems in statistics, namely the analysis of 2x2 contingency tables.

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Dept. of Biostatistics
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