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Measurement Error Modeling

The research group works with methodological problems in applied epidemiologic research and in high-dimensional data situations. We have in particular focused on problems related to measurement error and misclassification. However, lately, more general problems related to analysis of high-dimensional data have been explored.

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About the group

The research of the group was mainly focused on methodological problems in applied epidemiologic research. More recently, we have moved into problems related to high-dimensional data and genomic applications. We have been focused on understanding the behavior of standard statistical methods in non-standard settings. We have in particular been working on problems related to measurement error and misclassification, but we are also involved in other types of methodological problems .

It is an inevitable fact that many measurements of exposure (and response) variables in epidemiology are contaminated with different types and degrees of error, and these errors will influence the effect estimates. Furthermore, the same type of problems applies to measurements based on recent -omics technologies.

It is important both to understand the effect of different types of error in different situations, and to be able to correct for the errors, when possible.

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