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Molecular Nutrition

Our research is related to diet, physical activity & health, ranging from population-based studies to molecular nutrition including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, imaging, bioinformatics and systems biology.


About the group

We especially study fatty acids and different vitamins related to energy metabolism among severely premature infants, obese, cachectic and diabetic patients. Mechanistically we focus on transport, metabolism & biological effects of nutrients and their interactions with physical activity and genes. In particular we study signal molecules released from adipose (adipokines) and skeletal muscle tissue (myokines).

We are presently involved in two large (24 partners each) integrated EU projects in the 7th Framework Program; Food4me on personalized nutrition; and NutriTech, applying all the “omics” technologies to topics on energy balance.

At present the research group consists of 8 PhD students, four postdocs/researchers and one bioengeneer.

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Dept. of Nutrition
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