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Neural Systems

NeSys is a computational neuroanatomy, neuroimaging, and neuroinformatics laboratory.

We aim at developing and implementing new technologies for analysis of brain architecture, connectivity, and brain-wide gene and molecular level organization. We are partners in the EU Human Brain Project with key responsibilities for the EBRAINS infrastructure development, including the EBRAINS Data and Knowledge services, and tools and resources for rodent brain atlasing and atlas based data analysis.

About the laboratory

  • The Experimental Neuroanatomy division, headed by Professor Trygve B. Leergaard, applies experimental histological techniques to map system level neural connections in the brain, characterize morphological changes in rodent models of neurodegenerative disease, and investigate histological correlates of neuroimaging measurements. The division has the main responsibility for advancing the development of the Waxholm Space Atlas of the rat brain under EBRAINS Brain Atlases services.
  • The Neuroinformatics division, headed by Professor Jan Bjaalie, develops tools for 3-D visualization and analysis using brain atlases, database applications for management of microscopy and imaging data, and large scale infrastructures for sharing of tools and data. Jan Bjaalie is Infrastructure Director of the Human Brain Project, leader of the EBRAINS Data services including EBRAINS Data and Knowledge services, and leader of the Norwegian Neuroinformatics Node.
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