Participants in Neural Systems

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jan G. Bjaalie Professor +47-22851263 +47-91787901 (mob) Brain and nervous system, Neuroinformatics, Brain architecture, Digital brain atlasing, Life science
Trygve Brauns Leergaard Professor +47 22851052 Brain and nervous system, Diagnostic imaging and intervention, Heart, Vasculature and lungs, Neuroanatomy, Cerebellum, Basal ganglia, Neurodegenerative disease models
Grazyna Babinska Principal Engineer +47 22851238
Gergely Csúcs Researcher +47 94479448 (mob)
Dmitri Darine Head Engineer +47 22851498
Hong Qu Head Engineer +47 22851266
Maja Amedjkouh Puchades Researcher +47 22851259 Brain and nervous system, Neurodegenerative disease, Digital brain atlasing
Ingvild Elise Bjerke Doctoral Research Fellow
Martin Øvsthus Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22851272
Heidi Kleven Doctoral Research Fellow
Sharon Christine Yates Researcher
Nicolaas Ervik Groeneboom Principal Engineer +47 22854281
Camilla Hagen Blixhavn Researcher
Ingrid Reiten Researcher
Kasper Kjelsberg Researcher
Ida Aasebø Researcher
Ulrike Schlegel Researcher

Other participants