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Neuroprotection and Cardiovascular Control

We are interested in the pathophysiological mechanisms of perinatal hypoxic–ischemic global injury, neuroprotective intervention and brain repair.


The group operates within the following two research areas:

  • Neuroprotection: We use neonatal experimental models to emulate/mimic the hypoxic brain injury human newborns are exposed to. This is done by exposure of animals to hypoxia and ischemia of various degrees. The neuroprotective interventions we are interested in are induced hypothermia, combination therapy like inhalation of xenon, optimizing hypothermia therapy by defining the timewindow, the degree and duration of cooling. We study adverse effects like the stress of being cold, the discomfort by being intubated and the long term effect of morphine treatment.
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Dept. of Molecular Medicine
Domus Medica
Sognsvannsveien 9
0372 Oslo

Group leader

Marianne Thoresen