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Nuclear Receptors

Our research focus is to define the regulatory signalling pathways controlled by nuclear receptors in energy balance and lifestyle-related diseases.

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Nuclear receptors have the ability to sense and respond to fluctuations in environmental nutrient levels. The PPARs and LXRs integrate signals in the form of lipids (fatty acids, phospholipids, eicosanoids, oxygenated fatty acids and oxysterols) to physiological responses through the activation of metabolic target genes.

About the group

We focus on lipid activated nuclear receptors (nutrient sensors LXRs and PPARs) in cross-talk with signalling pathways activated by insulin and glucose. Our long term goal is to understand the complexity of the molecular and physiological networks involved in control of energy balance. Our ultimate goal is to gain an integrated molecular-to-organism view.

We use state-of-the-art approaches in human and mouse genetics, functional genomics, glycomics and proteomics, with animal and human physiology to achieve our goal.

The research group includes at present a professor, an associate professor, one postdoc, and one PhD student. We collaborate with a large number of national as well as international researchers.

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