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Psychosocial Aspects of Somatic Disease

Our group investigates the interplay between somatic diseases, quality  of life, and mental health, including interventions aimed at improing  health and quality of life.

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About the group

Our group investigates:

  • Health related quality of life, mental health, fatigue and other sequelae or after-effects of somatic diseases
  • Interplay and reciprocity between somatic and psychiatric morbidity
  • Determinants of self-assessed health, psychosocial functioning, fatigue, sleep, pain and overall quality of life in the general population, including adolescents and the elderly
  • Interventions aimed at improving quality of life and subjective health in a variety of patient groups, including palliative care and crisis intervention after serious psychological trauma
  • Suicidal behavior in patients as well the quality of cause of death and suicide statistics
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Dept. of Behavioural Sciences
Domus Medica
Sognsvannsveien 9
0372 Oslo

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