The group collaborates with both national and internatonal researchers.

Associated groups at IMB

  • Professor Hilde I. Nebb
  • Professor Christian A. Drevon
  • Associate professor Knut T. Dalen
  • Professor Rune Blomhoff
  • Professor Niels Chr. Danbolt

Participants in the UiO-Oxford laboratory, based in Oxford

  • Professor A. David Smith
  • Dr. Amany Elshorbagy
  • Dr. Fredric Jerneren
  • Carole Johnston Cynthia Prendergast Cheryl Turner Donald Warden

Other collaborations

  • University of Oxford; Department of Pharmacology, Department of Psychiatry, the OPTIMA team and several other departments/research groups.
  • The Hordaland Health Studies, the Western Norway B Vitamin Intervention Trial (WENBIT) & University of Bergen
  • Centre for International Health, University of Bergen (H Sommerfelt & T Strand)
  • KEM Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, India (CS Yajnik et al)
  • Oslo University Hospital Aker (KI Birkeland, E Aasheim, AK Jenum et al)
  • University of Bristol, UK (S Colin, GD Smith et al)
  • MRC Harwell, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, UK (RD Cox et al)
  • Trinity College Dublin (IM Graham)
  • Imperial College London (J Kooner, JS Chambers)
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