Publications and national collaborations

The tools and services of the Norwegian Neuroinformatics Node are used in many of the projects of the node member groups at UiO, NMBU, NTNU, and Ahus. Our publications are found here.

The Node has research collaborations and/or uptake of tools and services across 9 institutions in Norway: UiO, OUS, NMBU, SUS, UiB, NTNU, St. Olavs hospital, UiT, and UNN. Some examples are listed below.

  • NORBRAIN – The Norwegian Brain Initiative (NTNU)
  • Quantification of spine density in rat default mode network (IMB, UiO)
  • Patterns of invasive growth in malignant gliomas (Klinmed, UiO/OUS)
  • Use of Waxholm Space rat brain atlas for mapping electrode tracks (NTNU)
  • Investigation of rat brain auditory system using CT/SPECT imaging (UiT)
  • Thrombolysis in stroke (IMB, UIO)
  • Neural connectivity of the mouse entorhinal cortex (IBV, UIO)
  • Differential Levels and Phosphorylation of Type 1 Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptor in Murine Models of Huntington Disease (OUS)
  • BRAINMATRIX - Multi-scale brain plasticity: From molecules to behaviour in life-long learning (IBV, UiO)
  • COBRA - Computing Brain Signals: Biophysical computations of electrical and magnetic brain signals (IBV, UiO)
  • DIGIBRAIN - Digital Brain: From genes to brain function in health and disease (UiO/OUS)
  • Dementia Disease Initiation: Identifying subjective cognitive decline (SCD) due to Alzheimer’s disease (UiT/UNN)
  • White matter hyperintensities in MCI with and without amyloid plaque pathology (UiT/UNN)
  • Grid-cell linked spatial memory deficits due to entorhinal cortex affection in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (UiT)
  • Improving early identification of dementia risk by means of multimodal neuroimaging (SUS)
  • An individualized disease severity index for prodromal dementia: a multi-biomarker and deep learning approach (SUS)
  • Cognitive impairment; vascular risk factors and lipid alterations for development and progression –investigation and intervention (SUS)
  • Dementia Disease Initiation: Towards preclinical Alzheimer's Disease (NTNU)
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