NordFOOD is a Nordic cross-sectoral network consisting of Universities, University Colleges, research centres, hospitals and industrial partners. NordFOOD is a platform for training and possible scientific collaborations.

A strong Nordic platform in planning, designing and conducting dietary interventions will generate solid data for the Nordic Nutrition recommendations.

Additionally, the food industry needs to document health effects using well-designed dietary intervention studies to meet the requirement from the EFSA (European food safety authority) to add health claims on foods. Improved knowledge on the function and interactions of genes and diet includes generation, handling, analysis and interpretation of high through-put genome-wide biological data which require expertise from multidisciplinary sectors. Such data can develop new strategies for dietary prevention of chronic diseases.

By making such a network the education of nutritionist and medical professionals will be able to tackle new, different, broader or more complex issues and challenges within the field of food, nutrition and prevention of diseases in Nordic population.

The network is a continuation of the Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Programme on Food, Nutrition and Health (2007-12) SYSDIET.

Financial support comes from the Nordplus Horizontal programme.

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