Women in Science – Breaks the Glass Ceiling is POSTPONED

This event is postponed due to UiOs measures in connection with COVID19. The event will be reannounced at a later timepoint.

Ting Wu, Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA, who will present: "Not what we expected: Surprising moments that could change the trajectory of our lives”. 

Following the lecture there will be a scientific panel debate about Women in Science.

This event is a public and open to all.

Photo: Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Ting Wu.  Photo: Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School

Ting Wu is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Consortium for Space Genetics, and Director of the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd) and Associate Faculty at Wyss Institute.

Debate panel

Ting Wu, Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA

Solveig Kristensen, Vice Dean for Research, Professor, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo

Jens Petter Berg, Pro Dean for Research, Professor, The Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Janna Saarela, Centre Director, Centre for Molecular Medicine

Guro Lind, Group Leader Oslo University Hospital and leader Forskerforbundet/The Norwegian Association of Researchers

Rein Aasland, Head of Department of Biosciences, Professor, University of Oslo

The debate will be lead by Aud Valborg Tønnesen, Dean, The Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo.


Oslo Epigenetics Symposium organise this event together with

By Ragnhild Eskeland
Published Jan. 13, 2020 2:04 PM - Last modified Mar. 12, 2020 8:07 PM